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[Creature] Ogerhun

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Dec 12, 2012

Health: variable*
Armor: variable*
Movement Speed: variable*
Attack strength: variable*
Attack speed: variable*
Intelligence: Bag of rocks

Construction: like 12 Buffets
Training Rate: gets stronger as it eats. At high lvls he can only gain lvl by eating fallen enemies
Training Cost: consumes monsters friend or foe
Gender: i would love to see a female version but since that would be too much boob for me id say male
Information: come to your dungeon weak and frail but grows into a unstoppable force Literally a snow ball (hahaha FAT JOKE)
Appearance: starts small and grows in size basically he's disgusting Son of a b****
Behavior in Dungeon: EATs and when there isn't any food it will attack friendly monsters for food and will attack also its own kind (bonus exp when consuming same species)
Battle Style: Siege monster he takes up a whole tile so that people can't get by in narrow tunnels and does devastating melee damage near max lvl
Jobs: Dude EATING
Loves: Eating
Hates: Being hungry
Anger reaction: Will fight friendly targets and eat the
Lair: IN THE hatchery Ya he lives in there SERIOUS BUSINESS
Obtainable By: Portal
Attracted by: huge hatcheries or its equivalent
Skills: (lvls are gained when food is consumed or fallen monsters and lost when skills are used)
Pucks out acid that slows and hurts (Damage over time)
Shots Projectile made from dismembered bodies slows and hurts (creates barrier of half digested body parts and bones )
Digest is A self heal and cost a lvl

Cant really do anything when its gets mobbed or attacked by ranged just pucks everything out and runs away

It's hard to have more than one because it starts eating each other along with others in your dungeon

Introduced: Remove this beast immediately. It looks harmless now but will eat everything in your dungeon

This creature is the classic snow ball Meta in multiplayer where players are trying to blitz Or players need a tank in the front. It can consume fallen enemies to gain lvl to heal its self. IMO way better then mana and taking hours to train just hope on kill some dudes and WIN

Tell me what you think Guys and that one weird chick

*variable because at low lvls hes fast and weak but at high lvl hes slow and strong
**(the pic is from Dante Inferno..better book then it was a game)
Not open for further replies.
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