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[Creature] Percheron Centaurs -

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Oct 5, 2012
Ok ok, how about....

Percheron Centaurs
A proud, aloof unit used to study the stars. Enters battle with a staff.

It takes many years for a centaur to learn the subtle art of reading the skies, and younger horse herds refuse to get involved with the petty wars of the Empire. The Percheron Centaurs, however, with their long grey beards and silver coats, are old and wise enough not to ignore the warnings written in the stars. They know that if the Empire falls, there will be no one to stop the forces of evil, and so have taken the unprecedented step of joining you.

Centaurs read the stars to predict what the enemy is up to, and cast spells to help your forces, and hinder your foes. They are also excellent healers.

Associated Room

The Observatory - A room with no ceiling, allowing the viewing of the stars. Centaurs can research spells here for you to cast when you see fit. They do not cast these spells themselves.

Gaze Divination - Researched at Observatory. Reveals to you all areas of the map that your enemy can see for 30 seconds.
Alchemic Divination - Researched at Observatory. Reveals one hidden deposit of gold nearest to player.
Omen Divination - Researched at Observatory. Reveals hidden traps (within cast radius)

Abilities - Passive

A Step Ahead - Centaurs natural connection with the future means that they know what their enemies are going to do in battle before they do it. (Evade Bonus against non-magical creatures)

Abilities - Active

Sight of Asbolus: Cast on your army to temporarily grant them foresight, allowing them to predict attacks and evasions (Evade Bonus & Attack Bonus against non-magical creatures)

Chiron's Touch: Cast on a unit to fully heal them, or over an area to provide a health-boost to an army.

Blood of Nessus: Centaurs carry a small dagger into battle as well as a staff. For a small HP cost, they draw their own blood onto this blade and then attack with it, as Centaur blood poisonous evil (Reduces HP, Poisoned Attack works on non-magical creatures only)


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
I actually like the sound of this idea.
Quick question though
The passive ability 'A Step Ahead' and the active ability 'Sight of Absolus' essentially have the same effect. Will the Evade bonus' stack? Or will the more powerful one (which I am assuming is Sight of Absolus) simply go over the weaker one?
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