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[Creature] phase squid

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Jan 4, 2013
Lancashire, UK
Name: Phase Squid ( Or barry )
Preface: N/A
Appearance image:

Health: Low - medium.​
Armor: Low​
Movement Speed: Medium Increases with level.​
Attack strength: Low ( High against magic users )​
Attack speed: low - medium​
Intelligence: Very high but without direction.....like a savant​
Training Rate: Can be trained by doing research but only if locked in the room with no magic users.​
Training Cost: ?
Wage: None​
Gender: ?
Skills: Level 1 - Lash - Whip a tentacle in an arc dealing damage​
Level 4 - Psych Lash - Lash now has a random chance to silence.​
Level 5 - Siphon - can create a link between an enemy magic user and a friendly one weakening the enemy and greatly empowering the friendly unit. Cannot attack during.​
Level 7 - Voidcall - If near death, will attempt to latch on to a nearby magic user and use there energy to return to the void. Causing both to disappear permanently
Level 9 - Phase - The Phase squid can pass through single layer walls and doors - 30 second cool down​
Level 10 - Distortion - If the Phase squid is killed and does not manage to Voidcall successfully its death will split reality causing 1 - 3 Medium level neutral mind squids to be attracted into this reality.​
Weaknesses/Resistances: High resistance to most magic, Low resistance to physical damage.​
Behaviour in Dungeon: Will often lurk near magic users while they are practising to absorb stray magic, may attack magic users but will desist if the 2 are seperated.
Battle Style: Anti-mage
Jobs:Research....under duress
Hates: Magic users.
Loves: Magic users.....MMM tasty. ( and schoolgirls )
Anger reaction: Will fight friendly magic users if locked in the same room with them otherwise fairly passive.
Lair: A cross dimensional crystal like growth that the squid can phase into.
Obtainable By: Will phase into reality anywhere in your dungeon.
Attracted by: High number of enemy magic users - Neutral phase squids sometimes attracted by large magic heavy battles.
How Introduced: ?

Lord of Riva

The Lord
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Dec 29, 2012
Hi i'm Barry Squid and this is voidcall!

Bang and the Magic is gone!
i aboslutely dont know what you are talking about XD

first problem with this: the devs stated that only humanoid creatures will be intelligent.
second problem: Voidcall and Distortion are sounding extremely powerful to me ... insta kill ? and summoning creatures? way to powerful. (with summoning you can get nearly unlimited creatures)

otherwise i like to have more non-humanoid creatures and most of it except these to skills sound fine to me ... adding this ;)

@Noontide:wasnt there a new creature suggestion form in the making?
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Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
@Noontide:wasnt there a new creature suggestion form in the making?
Yes, well... not particularly new but more in line with what the devs use. I've been a little busy to update the suggestion guide but it along with a couple of other things are going in there when it's ready :) I'll hopefully get it near complete tonight if not done, but I'll be asking for opinions from the council before i update.

As for the creature itself I don't think it's intended to be an intelligent creature more a beast given that it does not receive a wage. Of course though beast's cannot work in rooms so perhaps this could be more of an "other" suggestion.

Does sound pretty overpowered. Though I dare not speak lest I be slapped by Miyavi.

Finally no one every really understands what I'm going on about, but the name Barry for the squid reminds me of this gem of advertising.
Jan 4, 2013
Lancashire, UK
The summoned creatures are neutral, and not level 10 thus cannot perpetuate further summoning and are intended more as a nuisance to everyone in the middle of a fight. and as for the instant kill. its only a chance and its only if the squid is going down anyway. it removes both units from the game, even if the squid may otherwise have survived, though thered probably have to be a limit on what it can take down with it ( OH LOL there goes your level 9000 blood mage.....do not want ) On the whole though i am not a master of balance. But then nobody is.

As far as balance is concerned, balance is 90% context. Looking at half the units in starcraft they seem horrifically OP but in context of an actual battle, it just works. ( usually ) Something could have the ability to instakill half your army, But it requires the full context to know whether its actually OP or not.

"the best abilitys are those that sound OP but arent in practice" - Ghostcrawlerlol

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Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
I like the idea of an "outsider" that is not part of reality as we conceive it, and I think the form of a squid is also fitting (as many people will associate it with C'thulhu anyhow.) As has been already said, an insta-kill ability is not necessarily a good idea considering how long it may or may not take to properly train caster minions to a high level. Something I wonder about is the phase squid's behaviour - will it have a higher attack priority for mages per default, or will it require a bit more control from the player to unleash its full potential?
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