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[Creature] Plague Doctor/Beakie/ Doctor Schnabel

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Dec 30, 2012
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Doctor Beak.jpg
Health: medium
Attack: low
Armor: Medium
Defense: Low
Accuracy: medium
Speed: Low
Dexterity: Low
Intelligence: High
Training Speed: Average
Wage: Medium

Fighting Style:
Rather than blasting their enemies to pieces with vile magic, the Plague Doctor uses terrible diseases and vermin to weaken the enemy's body and mind. He is a very poor fighter when left on his own but can greatly decrease the combat prowess of other creatures, allowing other minions of yours to finish them off. Plague Doctors will initiate combat by casting epidemic on the closest enemy and then either use carrion swarm or enter melee combat. When available, Plague Doctors will cast Necrosis on the strongest enemy in range. They will only use Black Death when facing at least four enemies, unless forced to do otherwise by direct control

Prospective Skills
Level 1-Melee (The Plague Doctor attacks with his scythe, dealing small amounts of damage)
Level 3- Carrion Swarm ( Summons a cloud of insects to attack a single creature. Deals damage over time and temporarily decreases the accuracy of the targeted creature.
level 5 -Epidemic (Infects a single enemy with a highly contagious disease. The original host will not suffer harmful effects. However, if the original host dies, it will transmit the disease to up to 4 other victims in direct vicinity which will suffer decreased maximum health, speed and dexterity. A single epidemic debuff will not stack with those of other Plague Doctors)
level 8 Necrosis (Permanently lowers the attack damage and defense of a single target, as parts of its body rot off. This effect remains active as long as the Plague Doctor remains alive. A single Plague Doctor may use this ability on up to three different creatures. The effects of Necrosis are far less potent on creatures of Level 7 or above)
level 10- Black Death (Summons a host of rats to attack all enemies within the target area. The rats will deal minor damage to enemy creatures and may hinder them from casting spells. Should the creatures remain within the area of effect, they will be infected with the bubonic plague, a powerful debuff that deals damage over time and dramatically decreases the the movement speed and defense of the affected creatures.)

Obtainable by:
Plague Doctors require a graveyard as well as an archive and will be attracted by the presence of many corpses within your territory. Plague Doctors may serve Underlords or act as neutral enemies.

-Graveyards without corpses
- Creatures with a sense of personal body hygiene (e.g. succubi, cultists)

- Infecting others (happiness will increase if enemy creatures are afflicted by Necrosis)

Anger Reaction: Annoyed Plague Doctors may inflict allied creatures with minor diseases, decreasing their happiness. Enraged Plague Doctors will remove corpses from the graveyard and take them to their lair.

Behavior in Dungeon
Being largely mute and primarily obsessed with death, Plague Doctors are not exactly sociable and spent most of their time in either the graveyard or the archives. If a Plague Doctor sees a corpse within your dungeon that has not been ferried off by your Blood Imps, it will carry the corpse to its lair instead, resulting in an increase in happiness. Plague Doctors have a chance of killing incapacitated foes if your Blood Imps are not fast enough to ferry them into your Prison. Two Plague Doctors may fight over a fresh corpse, making it necessary to haul one of them away. They will only socialize with other Plague Doctors and Undead creatures, such as skeletons and vampires.

The Plague doctors originally were a group of physicians who specialized in fighting the most contagious and deathly of diseases, going to incredible lengths in order to save the lives of patients that others would have left to die in quarantine. However, their permanent contact death and decay as well as their increasingly obsessive research about the progress of certain diseases has turned them into a horrific perversion of their former selves, spreading what they once sought to cure in order to gain more information about the nature of their plagues. Ironically, many Plague Doctors claim that they only do this to find the best counter-measures for the disease in question and that they eventually return to the surface and follow their former profession as a healer once they have gathered sufficient data, but the maniacal cackling that emits behind their masks whenever they turn an enemy into a coughing, hemorrhaging wreck makes this highly doubtful.

Jobs: Plague Doctors may work in either the archives to speed up research or in the graveyards to speed up the rate with which corpses turn into undead minions.

A wooden table with some similarity to an autopsy table.

Plague Doctors wear characteristic clothing, namely a heavy, dark mantle and their infamous beak masks. Plague Doctors may be of either gender, albeit their heavy clothing makes it difficult to determine whether one is male or female. When selected, Plague Doctors emit heavy coughing or labored breathing through their masks. They will cackle manically when getting hold of a corpse.

Mentor Quotes
A Plague Doctor has entered your Dungeon, Underlord. They are perfectly disgusting and should easily fit in with your other minions.

A Plague Doctor is stealing recruits from the graveyard, Underlord!

Two Plague Doctors are fighting over a corpse - and I thought the catfights of the succubi were amusing.

One of your minions mistook a Plague Doctor for a proper physician, Underlord. Now it suffers from about three dozen of terminal diseases.

[Puzzled] All of our minions complain that the food in our canteen tastes horrible, but the Plague Doctors think it's excellent.
[Worried] You know I do not want to complain, Underlord, but even the Plague Doctors complain about the food quality in our canteens. I think this is highly worrisome.

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Dec 30, 2012
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