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Creature: Rage Demon.

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Jun 27, 2012
Name Rage Demon.

Preface A creature with a flipside seems interesting, and a demon might be more original than a wherewolf.
This creature looks like a normal peasant, only his darker voiceset gives away that there is a demon inside of this peasant.

Appearance image:

Stats: Medium/high.

Health: Average.
Armor: Average.
Movement Speed: Very fast in demon form, average in peasant form.
Attack strength: Average. (can't be high due to fast attack speed.)
Attack speed: Fast.
Intelligence: Low, is as bright as the average peasant.
Construction: Low.
Training Rate: Fast.
Training Cost: Average.
Wage: High.
Gender: Male.


Transform into Rage demon. (passive ability.)
When angered or thrown in combat, the creature is consumed by rage and takes on a hideous demon form with claws and fangs. He requires this form for his attacks. During training he also takes on this form.
Whenever he is in rage form, he is likely to pick fights with anything else once the enemies are dead. Other demons are the only exeption to the rule. This means he requires more solidary training.

-Claw attack. (slashing damage.)
A flurry of claw attacks launched at an enemy, doing good damage.

-Scream of rage. (electric and poison damage.)
The rage demon lets out a wide roar, accompanied by a shockwave of poisonous fog, damaging everyone in front of him.

-Rage. (passive ability)
The less health the rage demon has while in combat, the more damage they will inflict due to their anger.

Weaknesses/Resistances: Weak against light damage, small resistance against blunt damage.
While under the effect of mind affecting spells that confuse or calm someone, the rage demon reverts to peasant form. his health stays the same, but he only has a weak basic attack in this form.

Information: The rage demon is a strong creature that requires some controll to keep him from going berserk and killing everyone. Secluded training is best for them, but since they do not attack fellow demons they can train in their company.
They are not too difficult to make happy however, rest calms them down so they would only need to be placed in their lair.

Appearance: Normally he will look like a peasant. Which allows for some deception. In the campaign the player may think to see some enemy peasants, and then get surprised by rage demons. There can also be multiplayer maps where peasants can be converted, so the player could have both peasants and rage demons.
In rage demon form, he takes on a hideous deformed sleak shape with tattered clothes, large claws and sharp fangs.

Behavior in Dungeon: Usually the rage demon will be in peasant form, and wont seem to act too strangely. He will grumble somewhat in his dark voice at times, giving the impression he is surpressing his rage.
Naturaly, the rage demon can easily be angered when there is no food or when other creatures annoy him.
But as said earlier, he is easy to calm down.

Battle Style: Very much an offensive blitzer, due to his speed he is able to catch up with fleeing enemies and can close the distance towards ranged creatures quite easily. He fiercely attacks any enemy in sight untill they are dead.

Jobs: Training, worshipping. When idle, they worship at the temple.

Loves: Other demons, sleeping, eating, killing.

Hates: Having no food, getting slapped, other creatures bothering him.

Anger reaction: Goes into a blind rage, starts with killing enemies before moving on to allies.

Lair: A heap of straw or whatever peasants use for their lair.

Obtainable By: creature. A peasant needs to be used for a ritual that puts the rage demon inside of the peasant.

Attracted by: Not appliceable.

How Introduced: As a surprise, when the player thinks to fight peasants, they face the rage demons.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] (What kind of effect occurs when your Unit comes through the entrance?)

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Cannot be converted through torture, when tortured the rage demon's rage causes him to break free from the captors and goes on a rampage.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] (What would the Advisor say about this unit?)


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Dec 22, 2012
So a creature that looks (exactly) like the original one until thrown into battle or torture?

Would that ritual be expensive?
Since it seems to be an upgrade why would I ever risk torturing the vessle creature? Best case I get another one and have to spend resources to upgrade it.

(I'm using creature instead of peasant because god knows I'll never let a peasent set foot into my dungeon!)


Dec 25, 2012
The transformation seems to be pointless, why have a peasant in a dungeon when it'd be better to have a creature that's a demon all the time? It might make sense if he were some sort of magic using human, who can turn into a battle form for higher strength, but loses access to spells.


WFTO Backer
Jan 29, 2012
Agreed, I don't see the point in the transformation, either. Apparently, the rage demon would be in his demon form any time he fights or works out anyway, except for the rare occasion he gets confused or stunned in combat, so he might as well be a demon all the time. Besides, once the player gets used to the fact that peasants might be able to transform into a demon, there won't be any real surprises for them.
What is a "peasant" supposed to be anyway? Doesn't seem like a creature you would see in an enemy Underlord's dungeon, but rather like cannon fodder the heroes would use. But heroes certainly won't have a demon on their side.

Why not have mediocre demon that can turn into a stronger form on rare occasions, i. e. when a certain ritual is performed or he is almost dead? Then again, this needs to be more special than just yer good olde hack-n-slay clawbeast.
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