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Creature: Shadow/ Abysal Hound

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Dec 2, 2011
Name Shadow/ Abysal Hound


Health: moderate
Attack: moderate
Armour: low
Accuracy: low
Agility: moderate
Speed: very fast
Luck: low
Recovery Rate: average
Intelligence: very low
Construction: none
Training Rate: average
Training Cost: low
Wage: low

Level 1: Melee Attack, Retrieve Prisoner, see concealed creatures.
Level 4: Speed
Level 5: Conceal
Level 7: Pounce- If it hits this attack knocks down an opponent (as though they had been dropped from the hand of evil).
Level 10: Doom Howl- lowers the attack of nearby enemies by 25% for five seconds.

Information: The shadow hound is an incredibly fast creature born to the darkness of the pit. It is unwaveringly loyal and relentless in its hunt for the enemy. The Shadow Hound will drag fallen enemies kicking and screaming back to your prison to be dealt with at your pleasure. The creature is quick to train but useless in the library or workshop. Though it is not the best of combatants at later levels the Hound can leap on opponents knocking them to the ground and making them easy prey for the rest of your minions. The haunting howl of the Shadow hound is a stark reminder that dire beasts lurk in the darkness of the underworld and a ill omen for heroes.

Behavior in Dungeon: Shadow hounds spend their time on the periphery of your dungeon stalking through the shadows and hunting down enemies before returning them to your prison. They will do little of their own accord and though they don’t much care for coin they will quickly grow unhappy without food.

Battle Style: Blitzer

Jobs: Training and Guarding.

Obtainable By: Portal, Hatchery, Lair

Hates: none

Loves: none

Anger reaction: Hunts and kills your imps.

Lair: An eerily glowing pentagram which when occupied becomes shrouded in dark shadows.

Appearance: The shape of a hound like form can be seen occasionally distorting unnaturally beneath a swirling mass of shadow

How Introduced: The shadow hound is designed as a basic creature to be introduced early on in the campaign.

Attracted by: Lair, Hatchery

Entrance Effect: A torrent of darkness accompanied by screaming humanoid shapes erupts like a geyser from the portal. As the darkness slowly rumbles back to the depths a canine shape stalks out, shakes itself down and emits a how’s of triumph before slinking off into your dungeon.

Torture: The hound is restrained upon the torture device where a ball of bright light burns away the shadows from the creature revealing the constantly warping features of a hound and accompanied by howls of anguish.

Mentor Quotes: "A shadow hound has entered your dungeon. Born in the darkness of the pit this creature is no mortal beast. He will serve you tirelessly dragging the bodies of captured foes to your prison to be disposed of at your mercy. The hound responds well to firm discipline and cares little for coin. Be watchful that he doesn’t become too hungry though keeper or your imps will suffer for it."



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Jan 29, 2012
I must say, I like it! I'd really enjoy seeing a helhound-like creature designed for WFTO as I missed them in DK2. The Abysal Hound brings with itself addtional originality. Although I think dragging beaten foes to you prison would go a little too far. This should be clearly a worker's assignment only, especially for balance reasons. But otherwise - good idea!
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