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[Creature] Sobek

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Dec 16, 2012
Name Sobek

Preface Inspired by the Kremlings of Donkey Kong Country and the Egyptian God Sobek. As well as by the notion that there is no such thing as too many crocodiles.

Appearance image:

Health: High
Armor: Medium-High (mostly due to its own scales)
Movement Speed: Slow
Attack strength:High
Attack speed: Slow
Intelligence: Low
Construction: Ineffective
Training Rate: Slow
Training Cost: Medium-High
Wage: No Gold,Twice/Thrice as much food as would be considered normal. (or something of the effect like spending all gold to get food)
Gender: Male

Lvl 1: Melee-attack (Chomping down on enemies or slashing with claws)
Lvl 3: Tail-swipe : Strike at all surrounding enemies by swiping it's massive tail.
Lvl 6: Death-roll : Bites down on an enemy and swings it into another enemy or obstacle by rolling around while hanging on. (
) Watch from about 1:15 for the idea of a death roll.
Lvl 10: Ambush : Direct a Sobek to lay in wait at a specific place to launch a devastating Ambush attack at the first enemy that passes by.

Weaknesses/Resistances: Weaknesses: Ice & Electric | Resistances: Blunt & Fire

Information: A voracious humanoid crocodile. Smart enough to be considered more than a beast, albeit barely. Lives to feed, preferably upon humans.

Appearance: A brownish-green humanoid crocodile. Dressed in a leather Battle-harness. The more powerfull it gets, the more it starts decorating itself with bones, skulls and spikey thins like bracelets and knuckledusters.

Behavior in Dungeon: Tends to hang around rooms where food is (kitchens, breeding chambers, etc.) , rooms that get warm (foundries etc.) or rooms with pools of water when idle. When in rooms with food, a Sobek looms around, selecting what to eat next or intimidating the creature when it is still alive. When in warm rooms, a Sobek stands around a scource of heat and basks in the warmth. When in a room with water, a Sobek will swim around in the water if possible. (Will also try to barge the chowline)

Battle Style: Tank/Heavy Offense. A Sobek will target the biggest enemy in the group and will fight it untill it is dead. Then selecting the next biggest thing to fight untill there are no more enemies left. (The Sobek "reasoning" that the bigest enemy will provide the biggest meal)

Jobs: Training, Guarding, Cleaning up dead bodies by eating them, Pest controll by starting to feed on vermin like rats and such .(though vermin are more snacks and do not satiate a Sobek)

Loves: Food, Warmth(they are cold-blooded), Water

Hates: Being hungry, the Cold

Anger reaction: When angry, a Sobek will start eating small/weak allied creatures like Blood Imps. When slapped a Sobek will snap at the hand before obliging.

Lair: A swampy pool of water.

Obtainable By: Portal.

Attracted by: Food surplus.

How Introduced: The underlord is advised to "Build" a pool of water and see what happens.
Two eyes pop out of a pool of water. They blink. The out of the water the Sobek jumps up to grab a Blood Imp that happens to pas by and drag it back into and under the water. (would not kill any existing Blood Imp) A few chewing sounds are heard and then a Sobek emerges from the pool.

Entrance Effect: The Sobek snaps it's jaws and indicates that it is hungry before lumbering off to find something to eat.

Torture: Tieing it down and dangling a hunk of meat just out of reach. Or tickeling its soft underbelly.

Advisor Quotes: A Sobek is a coldblooded feeding machine. Eating is all that it does and all that it aspires to. The good thing about it is that you can feed it practically everything. Dead bodies, disobedient underlings, those sort of things. And most importantly, your enemies.
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