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Creature Suggestion: Chitter [Low level fighter]

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Dec 17, 2011

Chitter (Rat Men)


Health: Low
Attack: Low
Armour: Below Average
Accuracy: Average
Agility: High
Speed: High
Luck: Very Low
Recovery Rate: Quick
Intelligence: N/A
Construction: N/A
Training Rate: Fast
Training Cost: Cheap
Wage: Low
Gender: Male


Level 1: Melee

Level 4: Squeek
Call to arms effect that only works on other Chitters (friend or foe!)

Information: Low level fighter that is not very effective without others around.

Behavior in Dungeon: Walks corridors or sleeps.

Battle Style: Swarm. Useless without other Chitters to back it up.

Jobs: Training. Exploring.

Obtainable By: Portal

Hates: Scared of everything!

Loves: Corridors. Food.

Anger reaction: Starts to destroy food stores.

Lair: Some hay.

Appearance: A rat/human hybrid. With patches of cloth and a spear.

How Introduced: Very early on.

Attracted by: Everything.

Torture: Pulls the tail.
Not open for further replies.
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