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Creature Suggestion: Witch Doctor [Caster/Researcher]

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Dec 17, 2011
Witch Doctor


Health: Low
Attack: Very Low
Armour: Very Low
Accuracy: Very High
Agility: High
Speed: Average
Luck: Above Average
Recovery Rate: Average
Intelligence: Good
Construction: None
Training Rate: Average
Training Cost: Above Average
Wage: Quite High
Gender: Male

Level 1: Voodoo Staff
Melee attack, with a 20% curse effect, halfing speed and making healing impossible for 3 seconds. Slow recharge

Level 3: Gaze of the Voodoo
Ranged attack, fireball type attack. Only damages one target. Medium range.

Level 4: Leech
Drain health from target to heal friendly units. Low damage, slightly below average healing. Quick recharge

Level 6: Rattle of Skulls
Rattling a bunch of skulls that have green glowing eyes. Fear effect, like a fear trap but only 2 seconds. Slow recharge

Level 8: Zombie Dance
A dead creature nearby gets up and fights as a friendly unit, with 25% of its health. Able to effect dead and dieing creatures. Lasts 10 seconds or untill health runs out. Very slow recharge.

Special Skill: Able to heal friendly creatures who are downed.

Information: Witch Doctor-
A wild practitioner of dark magic. Support and de-buff roles. Standard Voodoo priest.

Behavior in Dungeon: Goes straight for the library or if fully researched the temple. If no temple then training. They really....reeeeally like temples.

Battle Style: De-buff/support/ranged.

Jobs: Research, worship

Obtainable By: Portal.

Hates: Monks, anyone who worships light instead of dark. Also dislikes theives.

Loves: Undead and temples

Anger reaction: Jump into the temple pool. If their is no temple then they leave.

Lair: A ring of skulls with candles on them. A footon that looks like a Voodoo doll? (just a thought haha)

Appearance: Baron samedi from Bond, but with a big shaman staff.

How Introduced: When needing researchers. Base level researcher.

Attracted by: Library, 1 per stack. Temples 1 per pool square.

Mentor Quotes:
Is there a Doctor in the house? Oh yes, there he is.
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