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Creature: Terror

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Dec 1, 2012
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Name Terror

Preface The idea is based on horror movie monsters where a character would see movement, follow it, then turn around to be face to face with the creature it was following. I figured this would make for a truly scary creature to mix in with the comedic and the tough looking, especially during possession mode.

Appearance image: Still to come.

Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: Medium
Armor: Low
Movement Speed: Slow
Attack strength: Very High
Attack speed: Slow - Medium
Intelligence: Medium
Construction: Slow
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: Medium
Wage: Medium-High
Gender: ?


Level 1: Melee
Level 2: Unseen teleport (If the creature cannot be seen by enemies, teleports directly behind last enemy attacked/attacked by/targeted by lure)
Level 4: Lure (long rechard time skill that targets a single unit, that will slowly approach the Terror until it has attacked it, or lost sight of it)
Level 6: Speed (Movement only, not attack speed)
Level 7: Petrify (short duration single target paralyzing attack. a petrified creature counts as not seeing the Terror. Ends instantly if attacked)
Level 9: Fade (allows the Terror to slowly turn invisible. When completly invisible counts as unseen allowing it to use unseen teleport.)
Weaknesses: Light


Information: As the preface says, its designed to add a bit more scare into the game. The creature will basically try and lure individuals after it, and suddenly appear behind them the moment they lose sight of it; thus allowing it to get the first hit in for massive damage. At higher levels this becomes easier as it gains additional ways of keeping enemies at bay while escaping from view. However if it is caught it wont last long in real combat due to low armor, average health, and a slow attack rate with no AOE skills for hitting back at multiple opponents.

Appearance: It's appearance would need to be completely different to anything else in the dungeon, look completely bizarre, and be the sort of thing you might dream up in your nightmares. I considered posting up a variety of pictures and may do so, but I don't have a specific image in mind currently. I will however have a look around and post up any possibilities for inspiration I find.

Behavior in Dungeon: Aimlessly wander your dungeon, particularly around small corridors.

Battle Style: Unique/Blitzer

Jobs: Research, Patrol

Loves: Unknown

Hates: Lone Heroes

Anger reaction: Attack Lone creatures it spots under your control.

Lair: A sleeping Princess with a thought bubble showing her dreams (Good when the Terror is away, nightmare of the Terror when the Terror enters).

Obtainable By: Portal

Attracted by: Unsure on this one, possibly graveyard or temple; or if something really weird looking such as the scavenger room is included, then that.

How Introduced: Probably mid-late game during a level where you fight only Heroes and are forced to use hit and run based tactics or similar.

Entrance Effect: It flickers between dark and light at increasing speed around the portal. With each flash of light it alternates between standing outside and disappearing again.

Torture: Shines light at it.
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