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[creature] The Destroyer

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Feb 9, 2012
Name: The Destroyer

Appearance + image:

The destroyer is the Horned Reaper in a large mech suit, we all know what horny looks like so I'll just post the mech suit pic.

Health: high
Armor: very high
Movement Speed: moderate
Attack strength: high
Attack speed: average
Intelligence: n/a
Construction: n/a
Training Rate: slow
Training Cost: high
Wage: very high
Gender: male


Level 1: the destroyer performs melee attacks by smashing targets with his arms and kicking them

Level 5: machine gun - the destroyer shoots several targets with its machine gun, inflicting moderate damage

Level 8: laser - the destroyer shoots a laser at a target inflicting high damage and stunning him

level 10: homing missile - the destroyer shoots a homing missile that inflicks high damage on whatever it hits, as well as inflicting moderate splash damage

Weaknesses: blunt, ice, lightning/Resistances: slashing, fire, poison

Information: The horned reaper went to the head office in Electronic Arts and made a deal with the chairmen of E.A. The Deal was to make it so horny wasn't owned by them and could be in any game, thus making him able to be in WFTO. At the same time, the horned reaper discovered some futuristic technology, a powerful mech suit. Horny jumped into the mech suit and waited to get summoned into your dungeon.

Behavior in Dungeon: The same behavior as in dk1. Be careful not to make him angry, since he's in a large mech suit it will be much worse then in dk1.

Battle Style: fuck shit up

Jobs: trains, sleeps, collects gold, fucks succubi

Loves: himself

Hates: most things

Anger reaction: destroys your dungeon

Lair: the same horny bed from dk1

Obtainable By: portal

Attracted by: 5x5 temple (equivalent)

How Introduced: mid-late game

Adviser Quotes: The Horned Reaper has entered your dungeon, but this time he's piloting a large mech suit. Have fun.


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Apr 15, 2012
Czech Republic
Good joke but it says something important - original game was fun and unique as it was like organic... some traps but everything was not precise, do not involve robots and stuff into game (and if, then please just to heroes side...)

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
please dont Necro old threads. Even more so since this is probably a suggestion that will never make it anyway ;)
Jun 26, 2013
Fair enough but it was only one page back and the mods could lock the ones they do not like. There is a steam punk gap that needs filling. I shall stick my thinking cap on.
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