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[Creature] The Hellbat

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Jan 11, 2012
Because a more beastly menagerie never hurts, here is another ranged attacker with a more demonic focus: The Hellbat, a creature whose low life is offset by its passive abilities.


The Hellbat
A mage slaying ranged attacker with low health, but life-draining attacks.

The wizards of the overworld have long kept strange, magical familiars as pets. They have used such minions to perform menial tasks, serve as messengers, or advise them in their studies. Through research, they have created a large variety of such creatures, imbuing them with intellect and the gift of magic. However, what most wizards do not realize is that the masters of the dark arts can create such minions as well.

Hellbats are the second most common form of evil familiar (the first, by technicality, being your run-of-the-mill undead minion). These black and red little monsters are bred for cunning, trained while young, magically bound into servitude, and fed only the most delectable humanoid blood available. Their magical abilities are noteworthy enough that they sometimes break free of their bonds, murder or escape their masters, and seek nourishment and the pleasurable experience of killing on their own. This, more often than not, leads them into direct service to Underlords.

A Hellbat functions best away from the melee. They do not have a basic melee attack, but instead use their mastery of magic to loose small orbs of fire at their enemies. They are highly intelligent and can often be found researching in the library or straying in the temple where they can offer their loyalty to the darker powers in hopes of being rewarded.

Passive Traits
  • Magic Resistance: Hellbats are highly resistant to magic. They take reduced amounts of damage from magic-based spells (including Underlord spells) and magic-based traps.
  • Lifedrain: The basic attacks of Hellbats return a percentage of their damage dealt back to the Hellbats as life.
Active Abilities
  • Shriek: The Hellbat lets out a loud, piercing shriek, dealing damage in cone before it and silencing enemy spellcasters for a short duration (2-4 seconds?).
  • Fireball: Your basic, run-of-the-mill fireball spell. It hits enemies in an area and deals damage. Not very surprising.
  • Bloodball: Similar to the above, the Bloodball spell strikes opponents in an area and deals damage. It deals less damage than Fireball, but reduces the effects of all healing abilities of affected opponents for a noteworthy duration (10-20 seconds?).
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