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[Creature] The Kilac

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Feb 5, 2012
Appearance: The Kilac is a snake humanoid assassin creature that has grey skin/scales wears a black pointed hood, black scarf and black baggy trousers like what people wear in a desert.
Weapons: uses a scimitar and dagger.

Health: Low.
Armor: Hardened skin.
Movement Speed: Fast.
Attack strength: Low.
Attack speed: Fast.
Intelligence: High.
Construction: Very low.
Training Rate: Low.
Training Cost: Medium.
Wage: Medium.
Gender: Male.

Skills: Lvl 1: Melee.
Lvl 3: Poison blade.
Lvl 5: Brief invisibility (for stealth).
Lvl 7: Poison bomb (causing short time paralysis and smoke screen for retreat).
Lvl 9: Life detect (for finding enemy's you cant see).
Lvl 10: darkness (makes a group of enemy's blind for a short time).

Weaknesses/Resistances: Weaknesses: Ice, Electric / Resistance: Poison, Fire.

Information: He can stealthily kill an annoying patrol guard so there is no alarm so making your army raid more easily.

Behavior in Dungeon: Gambling room, train in the training room and enjoys the pit.

Jobs: Training.

Loves: Gambling room, Money, the pit and the undead.

Hates: The enemy, Converted enemy's, Not getting payed.

Anger reaction: Leaves the dungeon.

Lair: Broken snake egg.

Obtainable By: Portal.

Attracted by: The pit.

How Introduced: Emerges from purple gas.
Not open for further replies.
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