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[Creature] The Skeleton Archer

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Dec 25, 2012
York, Pennsylvania
  1. Name Skeleton Archer
  2. Preface Various games have included the Skeleton Archer. Such as Diablo 2. After the dead have risen, from the graveyard the skeleton archer can have a key tactical advantage.
  3. Appearance image:
  4. Pulled this from Google.
  5. Stats:
  6. Health: Very Low
  7. Armor: Very Low
  8. Movement Speed: Fast
  9. Attack strength: Medium-High
  10. Attack speed: Medium
  11. Intelligence: Very Low
  12. Construction: Very Low
  13. Training Rate: Medium
  14. Training Cost: Low
  15. Wage: Medium
  16. Gender: Undead?
  17. Skills:
    lvl 1- Basic Arrow, basic ranged attack
    lvl 4- Fire Arrow, A basic attack plus a little damage over time.
    lvl 6- Frozen Arrow, A basic attack plus a slow.
    lvl 10- Leach Arrow, A basic attack plus health gaining abilities.
  18. Weaknesses/Resistances:
  19. Extremely weak against all melee and slashing attacks. Moderate resistance to all elemental, and ranged attacks.
  20. Information:
  21. Creature only spawns after another creature is killed and taken to the graveyard. The creature may not be completely new and unique but adds to the over all quality of the game.
  22. Appearance:
  23. Basic Exoskeleton that has a bow and a quiver that changes looks and gains armor as it levels up.
  24. Behavior in Dungeon: Walks around the dungeon on patrols. Occasionally talks to other undead.
  25. Battle Style: Ranged offense. Typically stands in the back of the offense.
  26. Jobs: None
  27. Loves: Graveyards with dead corpses.
  28. Hates: Godly Heroes.
  29. Anger reaction: The unit leaves the dungeon.
  30. Lair: A pile of skeletons, or a coffin would do sufficiently enough.
  31. Obtainable By: Dead creature in graveyard.
  32. Attracted by: Dead units.
  33. How Introduced: After a unit is dead and gets dragged in to the graveyard.
  34. Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Shoots up threw the graveyard.
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