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[Creature] Thorny Hunger

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Dec 2, 2012
Pretoria, South Africa
Name : Thorny Hunger (Provisional Name)

Preface: My favorite monster in Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2 was the Bile Demon. Today while I was playing Doom 2 I came across a Cacodemon. After killing it I thought it would be neat if I could sort of combine the two into a unique demon for WFTO. I want something that is similar to the function of the bile demon, meaning a fat creature that blocks the path with its girth. I at down to design my creature, but it changed quite a bit so that it would be 100% original.
Please note, I am no trained artist. The sketch is something I drew up quickly to give an idea how I picture the creature. The colours should be demon like, otherwise it might look too froggy. ;) A lot of dark red/browns with smoking nostrils and a fiery mouth. I do not have colouring pencils, otherwise I would have coloured it in.

Appearance image:

Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: high
Armor: Medium
Movement Speed: Very slow
Attack strength: high
Attack speed: Slow
Intelligence: low
Construction: high
Training Rate: slow
Training Cost: medium
Wage: low
Gender: Male

Level 1: Melee - Devour [consume small units like imps and goblins] and Mace [Crushing attack for all other enemies] and Tactical - Body Block [The thorny hunger sits down, preventing enemies and allies to pass.]
Level 2: Ranged - Spit Imp [If an imp was recently consumed, its carcass can be launched at the enemy]
Level 3: Melee - Maul [Grab enemy in mouth and shake them about, then throw them against the wall, causing stunned condition and some damage]
Level 4: Burp - [Burps noxious gas cloud, causing enemies to cough and throw up... reducing combat effectiveness]
Level 5: Melee - Roll [Hunger grabs his legs, folds back its horns and rolls forward, bumping over enemies and causing a stunned condition on them]
Level 6: Melee - Headbutt [Knock down enemy but cause daze to self]
Level 7: none
Level 8: none
Level 9: Ranged - Huge Fireball [Powerful short ranged attack that causes burning, launched from the hunger's mouth]
Level 10:(Abilities that your creature can learn. Always add Melee to level one, and a ranged attack or such (e.g. archer's arrow) if appropriate. Use the Level: Skill [Description, if required] format for easy reading. In addition, they can have additional special abilities as well (think like flight, and such).)

Weaknesses: Piercing Damage, Holy Damage, Falling Debris, Ranged Attackers (due to slow speed).
Resistance: Fire, Blunt, Knock Down, Melee Units

Information: The Thorny Hunger is a large demon with a huge mouth and tiny arms and legs. It has a comical gate as it slowly lumbers through the dungeon. It is not very intelligent and it loves to eat. It is however very useful as a blocker in combat and it is also super effective against small creatures like imps, goblins and dwarfs. It can devour a tiny creature, giving the hunger a stat boost and allowing the remains to be spitted out at the enemy. However, the hunger can only consume one creature every 10s or so, allowing for digestion. The hunger blocks a whole tile, so it is perfect for blocking a passage way. However, it is very weak against ranged attacks as well as holy damage. It can effectively be countered by spells causing falling debris, causing the hunger to take massive damage due to its large profile as well as becoming dazed.

Appearance: The Thorny Hunger is overall reddish pink in colour. It has three large horns on its head with chains hanging between them to stop flying creatures from passing. It is basically a big head with a huge mouth, with hundreds of sharp teeth, with little arms and tiny legs. The mouth is constantly smoldering and ignites into flame when opened up. There is no tongue. The Hunger breathes out smoke through its nostrils. The eyes are big and snakelike. On top of its head is a leathery armor plate dark brown in colour full of battle scars resulting from falling debris and projectile attacks. Each hand has four fingers with sharp claws. In one hand the hunger carries his weapon of choice, a spiky mace. Each elbow has a spike on it.
The legs are short and stubby, each foot has two toes with a long claw on each toe and the heel.

Behavior in Dungeon: When not in combat, the Thorny Hunger likes hanging around where the most food is. If left unchecked, it will quickly devour all the food causing other creatures to chase it away from their food. When not eating, it likes to sleep. Even though the creature is not very intelligent, it is very skilled in working in workshops. The ideal habitat is a workshop with a source of food close by.
The Thorny Hunger loves hanging around other demons, cracking jokes and making rude noises. Wizards are not very fond of it due to its lack of intelligence and it vile humour.
When in a casino, the Thorny hunger is a very sore looser. If he looses a game he will start smoking severely and he might even snatch up a passing imp and tear is apart. He will then leave and go sleep.
The hunger hates water for some reason, other creatures take great joy in angering it by chucking water at it.
The Thorny Huger hates being around humans, especially holy men.

Battle Style: Blocker with short ranged ranged attack. When in combat, other creatures can hide behind the hunger. The hunger will try and consume a smaller creature to gain health, then launch its remains at the enemy. Large creatures are attacked with the mace and can also be mauled or headbutted.
When slain, at least two imps are required to carry it back to the lair.

Jobs: Training, Guarding, Workshop, Repairs, Entertainment,

Loves: Being in the presence of surplus food or edible creatures. Loves Sleeping, gambling and entertaining other creatures. Loves teasing other creatures by blocking passage ways and laughing at them when they want to pass. Likes being around other demons and jesters. Gets along very well with trolls and other manufacturers of similar intelligence.

Hates: Water, Humans and holy men. Also hates getting hungry. It is a sore looser in the casino and thus often cheats.

Anger reaction: Firstly the Thorny Hunger will sit down in a doorway, blocking all creatures from passing. If an imp happens to come by, it will be eaten. After a while he will get up and leave the dungeon.

Lair: The lair is a Jacuzzi of blood with little bits of imp and dwarf floating in the brew. When resting, the Thorny Hunger will relax in the blood and it will have an imp's head on a small table on the side, out of which he drinks his favourite brew through a straw.
The lair is constantly boiling and steaming. Other creatures will sometimes play a prank on the demon by switching off the heat. The Thorny Hunger will then freak out and start crying, after which it will either go to a food source or the casino.

Obtainable By: Creature. Comes through the portal.

Attracted by: Training room, at least 3 hatcheries of significant size, workshop.

How Introduced: A mission where the player needs to defend a choke point, then one of the lesser demons tells of this gluttonous, big demon who can block passage ways with its girth and eat imps. There is a cutscene showing the creature in the underworld feasting on some chickens. The player is then advised how to attract it. When it enters for the first time there will be a cut scene of imps running and the Thorny Hunger grabbing one and consuming it.

Entrance Effect: The portal will start burning and pieces of imp, goblin and dwarf will erupt from it, followed by the Thorny Hunger squeezing through the portal with great effort.

Torture: Since the Thorny Hunger hates water and holy men, it is subjected to holy water torture. It is chained down onto the table and the droplets of holy water drip on its head. With each drop hitting the demon, it cries in agony causing steam to belch from its nostrils and mouth.
Out of revenge, imps will often join in the fray and also tickle its feet or dowse the demon with normal water.

Advisor Quotes: A thorny hunger has entered your dungeon. This fatso has no interest in anything else but stuffing its face with delicious imp and dwarf... but chicken will also do. It is a brilliant blocker in combat and very useful in the workshop. Make sure you keep it fed well and it will serve you as its master.
Likes: Amon


WFTO Founder
Nov 21, 2012
The name needs a little work >> But the rest is really cool. - I just feel the name in Richard Ridings voice will err... sound like something that could get WFTO in trouble


Dec 2, 2012
Pretoria, South Africa
Hehe... come to think of it, there is most probably a better name for the creature. ;)

Any suggestions?

-Hungry Fiend
-Colossal Fiend
-Toothed Horror

I am not too great with names. ;)
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