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[Creature] Tokoloshe

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Dec 2, 2012
Pretoria, South Africa
Name Tokoloshe (pronounced 'Taw-Caw-Law-she') - (Taw as the 'Ta' from Tall, Caw as the 'caw' from Macaw)

Preface : The Tokoloshe is a mischievous dwarf like creature in Native South African folk lore. It is a type of zombie summoned by witches or shamans to terrorize someone who has offended them. Tokoloshes are known for terrorizing small school children while sleeping, as seen in one of the pictures below.
It is described as being very hairy, dwarf like and with a single buttock.
African people often place their beds on stacks of bricks so that the Tokoloshe cannot reach them.
Some believe that the Tokoloshe is created by murdering a victim then gouging out the eyes and sticking a rod into the brain. The corpse then shrinks, becomes very hairy and takes on the appearance of the Tokoloshe.
Click here ---->>Wikipedia Page

Appearance image:

Stats: medium

Health: low
Armor: low
Movement Speed: very fast
Attack strength: medium
Attack speed: fast
Intelligence: medium
Construction: low
Training Rate: medium
Training Cost: low
Wage: low
Gender: male

Level 1: Melee - Traditional Club - (Blunt damage, good against heavier armour)
Ranged - Throw Rock - (minimal damage, is mostly used to attract attention, useful for diverting aggro from other unit to the Tokoloshe)

Level 2: Spell - Fear (Imps and dwarfs and similar creatures flee)

Level 4: Melee - Smash - (A mighty blow with the club that causes concussion, rendering the target unable to effectively cast spells for a few seconds, has a 30% chance of missing though)
Level 5: Spell - Invisibility - (Tokoloshe becomes invisible but cannot attack, when using fear in this state the Tokoloshe briefly appears and scares a nearby creature. Fear works on any creature in this state except certain creatures who are immune to fear.)
Level 10: Resurrection - (If the tokoloshe dies, it is resurrected on location after 5 min, but with minimal hit points and energy, the tokoloshe also reverts back to level 9)

Weaknesses/Resistances: Weakness: Holy Damage, Light, Slashing damage, cannot be revived, Fire
Resistance: Water Magic, Fear, Dark, Blunt Damage, Life stealing

Information: A Tokoloshe is a unique creature that I have never seen in a game. It is feared in Africa and would certainly be very notable if it features in WFTO. It is a strategic unit that can be used to infiltrate enemy dungeons and sow fear at strategic points. In combat it is used to transfer aggro onto itself, useful if strong enemies are attacking weak casters or units that are crucial to be kept alive. Equally it could become invisible and move to the backline caster group and scare them. This will disrupt them briefly, giving an edge if they were spamming some spell. But the Tokoloshe must be careful, he is easily defeated when found. He is however very effective against single casters, as he can quickly approach them and smash them with his club, causing concussion.
Due the tokoloshe being a type of zombie, it is not attracted through the portal, it is created by the player through use of the torture chamber and graveyard.
Due to the way the creature is played, it is most effective if controlled by a player in Possession mode.

Appearance: Dark skinned, dwarf like, hairy zombie like creature. See the first picture. In the game it wears a baboon skull on its head. It has a traditional african club in one hand. It walks slightly hunched with knob knees.

Behavior in Dungeon: When idle, the Tokoloshe likes to go invisible and scare imps and other creatures, especially in their lairs. Humans will often place their beds on bricks which will then hinder the tokoloshe. It also loves gambling and can, due to its trickster nature, cause other creatures to suspect one another of cheating. Like skeletons, a Tokoloshe does not have a lair, as when it is killed it is also destroyed.

Battle Style: Recon/support/infiltrator. The tokoloshe can battle using his melee attacks against weaker creatures. Unlike goblins, tokoloshes prefer to work alone, so when alone they receive special stat boosts. The main aim in battle is to confuse enemy ranks, go invisible, move to the flank/rear and scare units causing them to scatter a bit. Only effective if only one tokoloshe is present though. Unlike other creatures, when a tokoloshe dies, it is destroyed and cannot be revived. Only at level 10 can the tokolosh resurrect itself, but at -1 level.
The ranged attack is used to confuse enemy creatures by transferring aggro to the tokoloshe. Once aggro is transferred the tokoloshe goes invisible, causing the enemy to look for him. He can then pop up behind them and give them a scare.
Invisibility can be activated and deactivated at will, but when invisible, the tokoloshe cannot attack. When invisible, the tokoloshe cannot be targeted by other creatures, but traps are still triggered and can target the Tokoloshe. Area of Effect attacks on the location of the tokoloshe will damage it and it will then "short circuit" its invisibility, causing it to not be able to go invisible for 5 seconds.
As it does not have a lair, the tokoloshe regenerates health when invisible. It can also eat to gain health.

Jobs: Research

Loves: Being left alone, scaring other creatures, gambling, going invisible, loves water.

Hates: Being around to many other tokoloshes for too long, fire, being seen by the enemy

Anger reaction: Goes invisible and starts scaring friendly creatures all over.

Lair: Has no Lair

Obtainable By: Creature. Using the torture chamber along with the graveyard. An enemy human must be tortured to death and then the corpse must be dropped in a graveyard. If there is a witch doctor type unit, could also be a warlock or necromancer, it must be dropped onto the corpse in the graveyard. The necromancer will then drive a rod through the head of the corpse, causing it to shrink and become a tokoloshe. But there should be a 40% failure rate (more or less).

Attracted by: None. It is a zombie type creature. Required graveyard and torture chamber.

How Introduced: There could be a mission where the player needs to spy on an enemy keeper. The player should be instructed to build a torture chamber and a graveyard. Then an enemy human will have to be captured and tortured to death. Then placed in the graveyard along with a necromancer causing a Tokoloshe to be created.
A cutscene could then follow showing the corpse shrinking and changing into a tokoloshe then going invisible, only to pop up behind a creature and then scaring it away, followed by it laughing.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Corpse changing into tokoloshe, then standing up.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Tries to go invisible all the time, only to be tortured by the torturer, who laughs at it.
Jan 7, 2012
Hey, thats interesting, I dont know anything about african folklore, maybe this one could be the undead equivalent of dwarfes.
We dont know if there will be a graveyard yet, maybe it could get obtained with a ritual by cultists?


Dec 2, 2012
Pretoria, South Africa
Hey, thats interesting, I dont know anything about african folklore, maybe this one could be the undead equivalent of dwarfes.
We dont know if there will be a graveyard yet, maybe it could get obtained with a ritual by cultists?
Yes, if there is no graveyard then cultists could also do a ritual over a corpse.

Thing is the way I picture the tokoloshe in game is that it is a weak creature but very versatile. Making sure it does not break the balance is crucial. That is one of the reasons I suggested it hates being around other Tokoloshes, so that if the player controls too many they might get out of hand.
You could call it an undead dwarf.. yes.


Dec 31, 2012
South Africa
South Africa!!! Too bad we cannot have a "Juju"! Then you can Nationalize the ore veins so that other keepers cannot mine them.
Juju!? Hahaha!! Eish, Nationalization of the ore/minerals, Endless strikes, minions turning into "tenderpreneurs"... no thanks! I much prefer the Tokolosh... :D
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