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Crucible Feedback

Aug 17, 2016
I finally got to wave 80 in the Crucible before being horribly destroyed. (even with the artifact pick up bug-which I did report) I only wish I had watched the video on reaching wave 75 before the freeze potion changes took place. I would have loved to use that method at least one time.
Anyway, I do have some thoughts on the Crucible mode. I am not going to say it is too difficult, but I do find some things that could be improved or changed.

The tips in the mode mention setting up war bands to guard the lanes. I have not had much experience in using war bands, but it seems to me that one would need at least 9 war bands set up to make it work, (and can that many even be created?) and there just are not enough minions available. I say three for each lane, since one would be fighting, and the other two would be training/eating/sleeping. Further, I only recently learned by watching a video that a player can teleport all rallied minions at once. I haven't tried this with a war band, but I'm guessing it works the same. The issue of minion power or lack thereof means that if I teleport one band away, I still have to wait for the next one to reach the patrol area. (since the teleport is one way only) I guess if I start them moving early enough, it could work, but there doesn't seem to be enough time to do so. I may give it a try to check. I would suggest that the spawn rate from the underlord portal be increased.

The next issue I continue to have is what seems to be a big jump in difficulty around wave 45. Once the Golden Hordes arrive, everything just falls apart. I survived only by using freeze potions and the Armagedden option. I had basically no troops let to fight with by around level 50. Since the Crucible hordes have blank level flags, I don't know how much of a jump there might be. It does seem that the quantity of enemies spawning at once also increases a lot.

When the Crucible was released, I tried it a couple times, and gave up. Only in the last couple weeks did I return to it in an attempt to reach the 2nd and 3rd goals. I was determined to try to find a strategy to get to wave 75. While actually getting past that goal, I am disappointed that I was not able to continue playing due to the overwhelming forces. I hate having to use the Lifelines, but circumstances have required their overuse.

I have tried several different strategies to reach the goals. I have ignored converting minions, and just used Aureate Monoliths to get their gold, but I still ran out of gold and got overrun and demolished. I tried converting every enemy I could, but couldn't get them leveled up, even pouring on the brain juice potions, and still ran out of minions, and gold, and got demolished. I have had my Archon killed 3 or 4 times, and kept going, and still got demolished. With the apparent jump in difficulty around level 45, there just does not seem to be any way to get enough resources to carry on. (minions, workers, gold) I am not suggesting that the Crucible not be difficult, but there should be ways to use different strategies to hang on longer, with a more gradual loss, instead of complete collapse. (Even blowing up the enemies does little good, since it seems workers do not gather up the fallen with any efficiency)

My next suggestion would be to allow the game to be saved. I would like to be able to set up my initial dungeon, and some basic defenses, save the game, maybe with a few different names, and try different strategies with each setup. It is a real pain to have to completely start from scratch each time you start the map. In addition, I think that all the dirt territory should already be claimed.

Finally, I think an additional slower mode would be a welcome addition, allowing more strategic play, and less of the frantic mouse clicking twitch play.

Thanks for all the work that's been put into the game, I really do enjoy it. My 1200 hours of play should indicate that.
Aug 18, 2015
D: 1200 hours playtime?!
I want to see that!

Due to, you said, you would need 9 Warbands. Better drop your minions then^^
cost less time and is more effective ;P

I assumed that you placed a Garrision near every Defence Line you had?
And that you manually repaired and rebuilt your defences?

Training in Crucible is indeed a bit of a pain in the ass. Because you mostly have to relsy on your minions and the effecincy of your Dungeon Layout. Micromanage the training is hard to do in this mode.

What I can give you for tipps is:
  • Prepare Rituals! Uprising is very good in Crucible mode or Assembly, to quickly rebuild defences.
  • Use Wormhole on Bosswaves, so that the boss will attack your Core meanwhile all your minions are punish on it, and the rest of the enemy minions are bussy attack the defences.
  • If it's a hard Wave/Boss just use Wormhole and Armaggedon. You saved your minions and Defences (would do against Democorn and Colossuss).
  • Place on Gateway 2 1-3 Ember Rifts, so that your Ember Demons are MeatShilding your Defences.
  • Constanly rebuild your defences! There shouldn't be a lack!
  • Use 1 Line for training at the beginning, it will save you time and gold.
I won't give you basic tipps, because I guess you know them by now
Aug 17, 2016
Thanks for the tips sir. First, the 1200 hours is overall gameplay, not Crucible play--I'd be totally insane if that happened.
I can certainly see what you mean with Wormhole, (I just haven't wanted to damage the walls around my Core) I'll have to try that, except targeting would seem to be hard to just get the Boss. I've tried using Ember Rifts, but I can't get more than a couple due to all the Locked Mana in other Defenses. As to the Colossus and Democorn, I can see the Wormhole method working with the Colossus, but the Democorn is such a stubborn thing to kill. The same sort of goes for Pink Eye. Sometimes when I play, she gets knocked out right away, other times, I have to chase her all over the dungeon, and due to her flight level, hitting her with Lightning is also very difficult.
I've gotten Garrisons near all the Crucible Gates, and some near the Gold Stones, but I've noticed that, at least on the map I play, there isn't coverage right around the Portal area. (And by the time I get defenses up around the portals, I have no resources to build around the Gold Stones) It has also been a pain just getting the Augres to activate the Garrisons.
I use Assembly a lot, and lately, I've been restarting it even before placing new blueprints.
Based on the video I watched, I've been using more potions as well.(The fire one doesn't seem to do much, and I don't seem to be able to unlock Freeze in time to get the first Ember Demons)

I have never used Uprising at all, and may give it a try. My other lack of knowledge is the Spirit Chamber. My understanding is that the Witch Doctors change gold into experience, but how long are you suppose to let a minion sit on the pedistal? Is there an indicator or something? and is the loss of gold needed for protecting the Gold Stones and using Armageddon worth the exchange?

I guess my main gripe overall is that I cannot increase my army's size once I get to level 45 or so, it just becomes a snowball of destruction. And, I really enjoy the Crucible unit variations, and I want more of them on my side.

The issue with Warbands, I guess, is that I can see how they could be used, but not in this situation. If I create a Warband, and then do a drop for another area, at least some of those minions in the band will be picked up and dropped, and decreasing the effectiveness of the Band in the other area, so I really don't see the point of the gameplay tip in the game.

The other irritating thing about the waves from 45 to 50?--all the gold enemies, with no real weapon to use directly against them--like I mentioned using Freeze on the Fire enemies, there ought to be something to use directly against the gold, and then grab it all for future use.
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