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Crucible Game Crash (patch 2.0.2?)

Jun 29, 2018
Dear War colleague’s

First of all I like War For The Overworld very much, I played it a lot. Like I loved and played Dungeon Keeper in the past.

On one map in the crucible, I mostly end up number one, Memento Moor
But I have a big issue since patch 2.0.2 with the crucible (not tested anything else)

Playing the crucible I noticed the my RAM is filling up with more than 1MB per second. ( I don’t know if it did this before, but it not a normal behaviour)
This (I think) ending up crashing the game (program will not respond).
For example:
  • At wave 55, 2,694,174 point. The game did crash.
  • I ended (finished) up in wave 170, 7,184,542 point. But the game did not go to the score board. It did crash! ( but it managed to get my score to the score board after all, 1st place and not playing seriously because of a expecting crash)

I played the crucible a lot, and in the end my computer will stutter and slow down a higher waves (like 199>), but it never give up one me until now. It has to be patch 2.0.1 or 2.0.2. Playing a game in fear of a crash is a no go!
Now, how to solve this problem? Patch 2.03?

Yours sincerely

Update 30-6-18:
Today I played a Crucible game of 2,5 hours in Memento Moor.
I ended (finished) up in wave 174, 7,836,578 point. But the game did not go to the score board again.
It did crash! But it managed again to get my score to the score board after all, 1st place.
I had broken down defences to end the game because of the expecting crash. This because of hik-ups and a no responsive system from time to time.
I watched the RAM filling up, it looks like the virtual RAM is filling up to during the game.
After one hour playing the RAM is filling up faster.
I have 16GB of RAM (14,2GB is left for the game) and its full after 2 hours of playing, then the real problems start to occur.

Update 1-7-18:
I was thinking, when I reserve 64 GB of virtual RAM on my SSD, I can play without crash. I will not run low on memory

But on wave 195, with 26,205,842 points and with 2:55:43 play time the game freezes! I waited more than 5 minutes with hope the game would continue… and it did. But my mood and the gameplay was destroyed. I let the game end and did little to get a better score.

Wave 220, with 34,002,951 points and with 3:01:37 play time the game was over but it did not go to the end screen, it crash again. Or should I say freezes again. I waited more than 10 minutes to respond, but I had to end it by force. I even could not get into the windows task manager were I watch the RAM usage. It could see in the last moment the memory usage was 100%
But it managed again to get my score to the score board after all, 1st place

This gameplay with freezes and crashes is just not right, it’s not a good experience, I end up 1st place but I want a fair game, if other player with 8GB have this problem they never get big scores.

Well now I am don trying, could someone help me with this problem, dev’s? is it my computer or is it the game?
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