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Current State of the Bedrock Beta

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Managing Director
Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Bedrock Beta v0.6.0 (24th December) Contains:
  • Game modes: Sandbox (3 levels), Campaign (3 levels, including a tutorial), Survival prototype (1 level), Multiplayer, Skirmish
  • Rooms: Lair, Vault, Foundry, Slaughterpen, Archive, Wooden Bridge, Beast Den, Crypt, Barracks, Torture Chamber, Prison, Garrison, Stone Bridge, Spirit Chamber, Alchemy Lab, Sanctuary, Arena, Tavern
  • Minions: Worker, Cultist, Gnarling, Bafu, Chunder, Skarg, Necromancer, Ghoul, Succubus, Spirit, Augre, Ember Demon, Crackpot, Witch Doctor, Beastmaster, Shadow, Oculus, Frost Weaver, Wraith
  • Spells: Summon Worker, Possession, Rally, Lightning, Chill, Cauterize, Impasse, Recall, Obey, Heal, Shockwave, Blood Money, Magical Meat, Construction, Imp Rally, Annex, Enrage, Volcanic Bridge
  • Defences: Wooden Door, Ballista, Rampart, Bone Chiller, Gargoyle, Portcullis, Midas' Door, Blade Lotus, Augrum Wall
  • Constructs: Replacement Earth, Underminer, Ember Rift, Gold Vortex, Outpost, Warding Totem
  • Rituals: Avarice, Wither, Fortify, Uprising, Revelation, Prospector, Besiege, Eclipse, Assembly
  • Potions: Quick Freeze, Work-A-Lot, Transmutation, Wisdom Juice, Frost Weaver, Haste, Spirit Workers
  • Enemies: Firebreather, Juggernaut, Priestess, Templar, Lord O'Theland, Dwarf Worker, Warden, Bard, Sapper, Huntress
  • Shrines: Gold, Perception, Research, Manufacturing, Mana, Siege
  • Systems: Veins of Evil, Unit Abilities, Unit Needs, Gateways & Unit Spawning, Room Construction, Gold, Fog of War, Water, Basic Combat, Shrines, Dialogue, Objectives, Unit Levels, Happiness, Torture/Conversion, Enhanced Terrain (Chasm, Sacred Earth, Brimstone, Lava, Permafrost, Sand, Natural Bridge), Unit Groups, Debug Console, Potions, Rituals, Unit Panel, Minimap, Room Upgrades, Dungeon Themes, Enhanced combat AI,

Upcoming Features:
  • Game modes: All modes are in the game!
  • Rooms: All rooms are in the game!
  • Minions: Behemoth, Eternal, Archon, Vampire
  • Spells: All spells are in the game!
  • Defences: Glacial Door, Well of Souls
  • Constructs: All constructs are in the game!
  • Rituals: Vampire Summon
  • Potions: All potions are in the game!
  • Enemies: Inquisitor, Arcanist, Bard, Matriarch, Disciple
  • Shrines: All shrines are in the game!
  • Systems: Match Mutators, Options Screen, Artefacts, Revamped Terrain Visuals, Revamped Cursor, Notification Panel, Revamped Unit Control Panel
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