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Developer Response Custom campaign (May be map editor) need Multi-Language Support

Mar 3, 2019
There are many excellent custom campaigns in workshops made with the map editor, but only one language.

Is it possible that let other translators to translate it?
For example, lock the original content to protect the original author, providing only part of the text for translation.
Translators download maps from workshops, translate it and upload translated part (may .XML) as the Language file of the original maps (or Custom campaign).


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
Hmmm I meant to reply to this but it seems I didn't get around to it. So apologies for the delay in response.

It's certainly something that we considered but the way the game handles translation is completely separate from user-generated content. Ultimately a whole new system would have been required to enable translations/community translations for custom content which unfortunately was just not a massive priority. It's something I'd want to handle better in projects moving forwards, however.
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