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[Defense] living defenses

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FLY TRAP (needs new name)
Highlight: the flytrap is a trap meant to capture and hold enemies so other creatures can finish them off. It also does damage over time to the creatures it holds.​
Vein: sloth​
How does it work:the fly trap works by lashing out and grabbing units, then pulling them into the plant its self. over time or with more units "killed" by the trap it will grow, the bigger the trap the more units it can hold and the more damage it deals. At max size it can hold 4 units and is 3x3 tiles in size.​
Appearance: http://www.funcage.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/venus-fly-trap-plants.jpg with several vine like tendrils around it, depending on the growth stage would have between 1 and 4 traps.​
Spike Plants
Highlight: the spike plant is a wall based ranged trap which is meant to daze or slow down attackers.
Vein: wrath​
How does it work: the spike plant is placed on the wall of a block, at which point it will start to grow over time, the spike plant will need to be fully grown before it can attack things. its attack is based around its ability to shoot dart like seeds at things, the seeds will disorientate and confuse the victim and eventually put them to sleep, making them an easy target.​
Appearance: the spike plant is a small self illuminated purple flower, which looks similar to http://kerrizane.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Milk-Thistle-Plant-Extract-TRG-13-.jpg
slasher vinese
Highlight: the slasher vines work sort of like a door only they can be closed on things to damage them.
Vein: sloth
How does it work: the slasher vines allow movement of some units while restricting the movement of others.​
Appearance: the slasher vines are a thick set of brown dead looking vines that jut out of one wall into another about half way up the block, the vines are high enough up that imps and other short creatures can move threw them with out them being opened, but taller creatures would need to find another path. they are good for keeping your army out of your mine so to speak.​


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Aug 23, 2012
I suggested a sort of living tentacle trap a while back (like a kinda dynamic water trap, where when an enemy triggers the correct tile, a massive tentacle bursts out of the water and throws the enemy in a random direction). Although I doubt that it will ever be added in the final game, it would be fun to make as a mod (if I can manage it).

So, yeah, I rather like the idea of living defenses, although I reckon that a bit of modding voodoo might be the way forwards with them.
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