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[Defenses] Glass defenses and Bridge traps

Which would You like to see in WFTO?

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Hey, I have read many topics about bridges usability and some traps. Bridges in DK I was the safest place in the game (except a square hole in indestructible wall), so why all should feel safe walking thought bridges?
I would like to present to You some things that could be used on a bridge and some other ideas. I know that Blood Imps could take bridges easy, but often during the battle they couldn't make, or enemy creatures could just could go to our dungeon through the bridges especially heroes.
I know that bridges we could make large or thin, just one tile by one and not only in lava, but on water too, so could be easily bypassed. Even that You could set a trap at the beginning or at the end of the Bridge, so Blood Imp that could enter to capture our bridge will be surprised by bridge trap on tile that connects ground tiles with the rest of bridge snakes. If something had been, sorry, search bar don't like me.

That transparent things could surprise divers traveler. All glass things should cost much time to create them by Glaziers.
The disadvantage of glass things is that all behind would be visible, the way will be revealed too as nothing would stand on the road, so if You would put boulder trap behind it would be visible - but this is Your choice - to have surprising doors or surprising traps ;)

[Door] Tempered Glass Door
Cost: High
Durability: High
Role: Be an invisible and strong door

Through the process of hardening we could make a very strong and surprising door. It is an invisible door for anyone (transparent in 99%), only owner and owner's creatures could see these doors because they would be marked as in 70% transparent for them.
TGD is very quiet, You would not hear opening and closing it if a creature would go through this door.
This door is quite strong - if enemy creature will see this door by standing close enough to that door it would know that he encountered a door on it's way and could now attack it. We would see scratches and grooves on the glass after first attack, but if enemy would stop attacking it, these wounds would disappear and TGD will be invisible again.
I think the amount of durability points could be between magic and steel door. That is a nasty door for someone who like to send his/her imps to claim our tiles or we would like to go through labyrinth where we have many corridors and some could be blocked by these door and some not, but we have to find no-door way, because one Blood Imp would not hurt this door much.

[Door] Mirror Door
Cost: High
Durability: Below moderate
Role: Be a one-side-visible, projectile-rebounding door with small durability

This door is like a huge mirror, it works like Venetian mirror - Your creatures can see enemy, enemy can't see Your creatures. What's more Your creatures could launch their magic projectiles through this door, but enemy not - Mirror Door is a magical door. The cons is durability - this door is not so strong, because of it's magical function, so enemy could reach You quite fast. What's more Mirror Door can rebound enemy projectiles.
Probably any real big mirror would not stand in WFTO, but I would like to show You the main mechanism that could have however, looking mirror, so it could look even like for example a stained glass door...

[Door] Trick Door
Cost: Below High
Durability: Moderate
Role: Be a mystery, strategy door with moderate durability

This kind door is very tricky. We could set which kind of door would have our Trick Door properties.
Let's imagine that situation: We have three door close to each other like ====D=D=D==== . First is set as wooden, second and third as a magic. All door looks like this:
... a big question mark on the door, what do You think to put a image of special from DK I? :)
After reaching the door all of them are have that properties what normally other doors have - so enemy beating this door won't know that first door is magic or wooden or another until one of the beaten door would crush. It would be easy to trap enemy - player normally decide when it becomes to choice which door should be beaten first. Usually he/she choose wooden as a first - now this choice would be harder, but the way as normal.

We could add a glass door ability - when enemy comes, earlier invisible door now would appear like shoot from the hemp and becomes visible, but all will appear with a big question mark - that would add more excitement to the game

[Room] Glass Bridge
Cost: More than Magma Bridge
Durability: Moderate
Role: Be a invisible for enemy bridge

Glass bridge works as normal bridge, but... it is transparent in 99% like Tempered Glass Door, this bridge cheat Your minions eyes. Especially it could be nice in a big one area where You have to go in possession mode to Your target. The bridge tiles could be more visible only if any creature will stand on it. Creatures that could walk through the lava couldn't make their waypoints to other side the bridge.
Remember a bridge from Warcraft III with Thrall's Aszune Heart mission?

Bridge traps
I know that traps should be simple as it could be and should require only one tile like my Carnivorous Maw trap, so I gave up with for example 3 tiles ideas of trap - like You have to put a trap that would appear in the neighbor tile to free a big hand that would splash You if You are close etc... I thought about Magma bomb trap - 3 tiles trap, requires 2 lava tiles and bridge, but we could make it from one tile, why not? Maybe someone would put a very wide bridge so we couldn't use the lava tiles.
Here You have some of my ideas:

[Bridge Trap] Hot Spot Trap
Cost: Moderate
Durability: Moderate or until someone won't destroy bridge tile or claim bridge where was the trap placed
Type: Magma Bridge Trap
Role: Be a surprising, burn-the-enemy trap

In the bridge there would be a small hole. When a guest comes to a bridge trap tile, from this hole, magma will shoot out to make barbecue with enemy. This trap could cause burn.

[Bridge Trap] Sheer Cold Trap
Cost: Moderate
Durability: Moderate or until someone won't destroy bridge tile or claim bridge where was the trap placed
Type: Water Bridge Trap
Role: Be a surprising, freeze-the-enemy trap

In the bridge there would be a small hole. When a guest comes to a bridge trap tile from this hole magma will shoot out to decrease enemy movement speed and attack. This trap could freeze the enemy.

[Bridge Trap] Collapsible Trap
Cost: Moderate
Durability: Until someone won't destroy bridge tile (selling or stepping on this trap) or claim bridge where was the trap placed
Type: Magma Bridge Trap
Role: Be a surprising, self-collapsing trap

Works like Lava Trap in DK I, but it is on the bridge.

And we could make several traps that would be normally on the ground but would bee too on the bridges.

I'm waiting for Your suggestions, ideas and comments! :)


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Dec 10, 2011
New York
Well, it is true that we've never had bridge traps before... One advantage of that would be that if two opposing Underlords reach and claim the land on their respective side of a lava field, they could create their own bridges, without being forced to claim a bridge (Hopefully claimable piece by piece for this to work...) without running over the trap first.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
well as said before in the shark trap thread ... i dont like the very specialized version of traps... you could use them only on traps?
dont like this ... well if you could actually build EVERY trap on Bridges that would be something different.

i dont like the Glass Bridges and Glass doors in my opinion this is a strategy game and Luck shouldnt be that much of a part and the part of not seeing the door (or in the Case of Bridges its even worse) kinda makes it hard to play against it ... (even more if the door is hard to destroy). The "Trick" Doors on the other hand are better since i actually can SEE that there are doors even if i do not know which.

The Mirror door sounds good i like it.

One Problem though ... why didnt you made two topics one for the Traps, one for the Doors ? i know the list isnt the most efficient way to sort all these things but under which section do you want me to add it?
you make a lot of suggestions please use the already used indicators like [Traps], [Doors], [creature] and not things like defense.
its hard to keep track of things if i have to ask in which section i should add it everytime and wait for the member to answer me.

Please PM me and tell me where i should add it ;)

i hope this is understandable ;) you would make my job here a lot easier ^^ thanks
In this topic I want to show You whole mechanism, I could make two topics, but all connected together would present whole mechanism.

Why not to put traps in all places? Yes we could, just a textures or something could changed if You would like put the same trap on the bridge and one on the ground tile.

I use the term defenses because we will have defenses in game, but ok, if You could make two links to this topic as Glass Doors and second Bridge Traps.

If You have a game where You can't put bridges (so mostly) This would play very strategic role. Of course that enemy player
could make his own bridge, it all depends on map settings.


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Dec 1, 2012
Surrey, laughing at how rubbish Sussex is.
I do agree that all (or at least most) traps should be buildable on bridges as opposed to just specific specialized traps. I do like the idea of a collapsible bridge trap though, I think this is a good alternative to the player available exploit of just selling bridges while the enemy is using them. Perhaps when you cannot sell a bridge while there is something standing on it, or there is a time delay in it disappearing?


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Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
I didn't quite understand what the mystery door is supposed to do - I get it to the point that only one of the three doors in the scenario is the door your enemy actually wants to go through, but I don't understand what happens if he attacks the wrong door - do they simply lead nowhere or do they act as traps, damaging attackers?

I'm okay with the Bridge Traps and I find the concept of "invisible" glass doors interesting as well, albeit I somewhat share LordofRiva's critique that detecting them depends more an luck than real skill. A different approach would be making them entirely invisible, so than only certain spells or minions could make them visible to the player, albeit I think that this would be vastly overpowered and we have no information on the stealth mechanics (if there will be any) in the game as of now.

The Mirror Door is a great idea, though. There's nothing like seeing the expression on an enemy Underlords face when his Level 10 Cultists accidentally fries himself.
Trick door mimics a type of door that player will choose from the beginning. If player would choose a Trick door that would behave like a wooden door it will have wooden door's properties, except the the appearance of the door, because any kind of door You would set for door that You would like to place will have a "Door with question mark" appearance. So in short - adjustable properties that depends on kind of door You would choose, but for each will have the same appearance.

You will never know if for example You will stay in choice with one open first or open only, because You won't know which one is stronger and which one not. Usually players choose the strongest door or the weakest - it depends on what You have in mission. for example in mission with only few Imps There would be hard to destroy a door that mimic magic door than a door that mimic wooden door.

Robofish - that surely will help with places that we couldn't control often, good advice.
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