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Sep 14, 2016
Eastern kentucky mountains
I hope this dont sound stupid but here goes,before slot of the upgrades there was a level that showed I think four or five different keepers and the one was closet to you was the empire and they had all kinds of demacorns some full grown level ten and other smaller ones,it was the same level that one of the keepers had these spriet imps and no matter how hard you tryed to clame their tiles these little buggers would start dancing and blocking your one little imp it was also had alot of "big" oculus level ten and since before one of the up grades ( before 2.0) I think my saved game and the entire level has gone kaput, I know it was because of the upgrades but I was wondering if maybe I just wasnt finding it or maybe it just went by by. I love this game ,I'm 55, and dungeon keeper 2 was my favorite and i wore out two discs and am working on a third and this game war for the overworld is my second favorite i can not tell you how much this game means to me and please thank the delvs and everyone that is associated with this game that I thank them so much. Y'all made an old man very happy thank you
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Jan 3, 2013
You should visit steam forums more often. Unfortunately this one, despite being official is currently pretty much dead. You can find new cool maps in Steam Workshop and discuss them with others or maybe the author of content self too.
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