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Sep 14, 2016
Eastern kentucky mountains
I think way before the last one or two updates there was a level or skirmish that had I think three or four keepers that had a bunch of demacorns in it and also had some i irritating spirit imps in it after the updates I couldnt find it does anyone know if it still around? I cant remember if it was a skirmish or multi player I know it wasnt in eather campaign war for the overworld or heart of gold I'm thinking it maybe was skirmish player. That was one of my favorites and now I cant find it.i know one keeper had so spirit imps that I couldnt kill or do anything with but that was the fun of it. So if someone could help I would appreciate it very much. Also when you go to download different maps could someone give me advice on which ones is real good ones. I'm new at this stuff and I could use some advice. Thank you for your help
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