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Demonic Park

Oct 25, 2015
I've completed the campaigns and have enjoyed many of the skirmish maps provided with the game, some of my own and others submitted by the community, however I'd not really tried any of the scenario maps.

I tried the "Demonic Park" map the other day and have only just finished it after 9 hours of gameplay. I could have finished a few hours earlier but I tried to take over the entire map taking out every Empire unit and outpost. I've got to tip my hats to the map creators, I have never played a game of such slow attrition, it took me hours to kill off the Demicorns and convert the rooms with all the spirit workers that the enemy had. Infuriating but very satisfying once I developed a strategy to cope with them!

So I just wanted to thanks the team for such a challenging map! It'd be cool to also hear how others got on with this map.
Jan 3, 2013
Thanks for notifying me @Nutter . I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my map @Roysten , I made that map with intention of having lots of content squeezed inside without having the lagfest introduced. 9 hours is really huge game play time! I certainly didn't expect it could offer that much! Thank you for playing it and enjoying it. There's another one you can find on Workshop on Steam or Foundry here on web-site called Big Bad Boogie and now-official The Great Wall which was made specifically for official map collection. I'm very sure you will enjoy those too as they are even bigger and offer even more content, though may be either more easier or harder, based on how you handle enemies.

I may make more in future, I just want to wait for more improvements for editor as I want to add new elements into sandbox maps, as well as try different design and visual look. You can always check my Workshop on steam, that's where you will see my latest work posted first while the best of it will be also packed for Map Foundry here ( for GoG users since I do maintain both versions ). Feel free to leave comment here or on map page at steam ( I'm more active there though ), I'm open to new ideas and suggestions.

Thank you for dedicating your time to playing my map. I'm sincerely glad to know it brought so much enjoyment to you and all other players who gave it a try.
Sep 14, 2016
Eastern kentucky mountains
I to ENJOYED it I'm still playing it.i think it' a challenging game I like to take my time and think about every move (something like chess,only I can' play chess,I would LOVE to see more in this line and I want you to know you have made an old man happy once again may the demicorn gods bless you (it' an old man thing) love and respect all who has labored long and hard for this game THANK YOU
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