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Did not deliver what was promised

Apr 3, 2015
Before you read this, please understand:

The following rant has next to nothing to do with the game itself, and is not necessarily aimed at the developer either. I am in no way trying to harm the development of the game or the developers in question with this thread.

As of yesterday, War for the Overworld has been officially released. A moment of joy amongst the fans and developers alike, one would think. But unfortunately for many, that was not the case. Besides the obvious issues with bugs and crashes, the DRM-free key of the game was also missing.

This is what I am referring to:

... As well as the following:
"Buy War for the Overworld on Windows, Mac and Linux Now! Cross-platform DRM-free + Steam key."

The latter being the sales-line for the Humble version of the game.

Now, of course, I would not be making an issue of this had what was promised actually been delivered, or if we had gotten any sort of reasonable explanation on the issue ( or ANY explanation, for that matter ) despite the number of threads and general feedback the issue has gotten.

Let me make this clear:
This is false advertising. A punishable offense as by the following description (description source: Wikipedia):

False advertising or deceptive advertising is the use of false or misleading statements in advertising, and misrepresentation of the product at hand, which may negatively affect many stakeholders, especially consumers. As advertising has the potential to persuade people into commercial transactions that they might otherwise avoid, many governments around the world use regulations to control false, deceptive or misleading advertising. Truth refers to essentially the same concept, that customers have the right to know what they are buying, and that all necessary information should be on the label.

... Which, I might add, fits perfectly as I would not have bought the game had there not been the promise of a DRM-free key. Now, of course, this warrants compensation -- which generally comes in the form of monetary returns, the amount being equal to what was payed in the first place. The developer and / or publisher obviously takes a heavier hit than the consumer with the loss of credibility and as such, future sales. This is basic marketing and I would have expected WftO's marketing team to be more competent than this.

Now, here's the thing:
The game was likely rushed out of the door for an Easter release. That's my interpretation, at least, as many of the issues in the game have not been dealt with. Considering we have not had any sort of official statement, I cannot say for sure. However, this is an issue that has popped up in many professional releases and as such, seems likely. While rushing a game out of the door might seem like a bad idea to the consumer, in the publisher's eyes it could be a good move, as the Easter release guarantees high sales.

Despite relatively high sales, however, the customer was promised both continuous support and a DRM-free version of the game. Whilst the continuous support has been delivered magnificently up until this point, the DRM-free version has not. An Easter release would have been a good idea from a sales-perspective had they not promised the continuous support -- they are obligated to keep the game alive for a set period of time according to law. Keeping a high profile would have therefore likely been more profitable as a whole as the amount of sales would have remained relatively stable over the upcoming months instead of spiking in the first week.

Another possibility is that the game was not necessarily rushed, but that the developer simply ran out of funds to develop the game with. This seems unlikely, however, as the Kickstarter campaign ended up extremely successfully, in part thanks to the backing of a number of large YouTube personalities, such as John Bain (Totalbiscuit) who is, in fact, credited in the game's official Credits.

A solution to the issue
Of course, an easy solution to the issue would be to simply give us an official statement. While I cannot truly speak for other consumers, having a decent explanation would at the very least calm me down, and I would not mind having to wait another week or two knowing that it is on the developer's radar.

Besides that, there is the option of refunding those who bought the game from you expecting the key, as well as giving an official apology for the blatant false advertising. Again, it involves an official statement from the developers in the form of an apology for their lack of or poor communication.

Lastly, there is still the option of giving us the DRM-free version now before the issue becomes more apparent. If there are still any issues left in distributing that version, tell us about it. This game was built using the Unity engine -- creating a custom launcher should take no longer than thirty minutes ( without QA, of course ).

That is all we really want, dear developers. This is your game's community. Whether the issue is related to the publisher, or the developer, or anything else for that matter -- all we want is to play and enjoy the game. To that effect, we want to receive what was promised to us. And unfortunately, so far, that has not been the case.


An angry consumer.
Sep 13, 2013
Yeah, but is it really such a big deal? How many people are waiting on it? Maybe a lot. I dunno. I tried looking up a response somewhere about this, but I haven't seen anything yet. I did find an old post by the CEO about there being some issues with mixing Steam and DRM-free stuff. Maybe that's the issue.
Apr 3, 2015
160 views within a day. I'd say more people are at the very least interested. Not to mention that there've already been a number of threads on the General Discussion forum, as well.

The game launched yesterday so obviously, people aren't making that big of an issue of it just yet. My personal gripe with it is moreso the false advertising than the actual lack of a DRM-free version of the game, despite having paid for that and not being able to play the game as is. That, and the general lack of communication.


WFTO Founder
Feb 27, 2012
I highly disagree with the lack of communication. They are always being extremely transparent with what they do on these forums.


Managing Director
Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Hey guys.

Regarding the DRM-Free version - It'll be coming soon, we're just waiting for patching to calm down before pushing it out (we don't want to push out a buggy build that's difficult to patch).

Regarding everything else - I've been wanting to put out a statement but we've literally just not had time. Once things calm down a bit we'll be doing that, hopefully some point this weekend.

Cultist Joris

WFTO Founder
Dec 30, 2012
I don't know anything myself about the issue, but I alerted people that might know someting about this in the thread you linked.

EDIT: Lol too late... :p
I'm still confused why people are so intense about DRM free content when it comes to steam. So far the only major benefit I have seen from DRM free products in the indie realm is that customers can then turn around and pirate the material. I can understand people wanting "DRM free" products when it comes to engines like EA's origin and Ubisoft U-Play (both of which have proven to cause poor launches and unplayable states) but STEAM does not normally have these issues especially when a game has been placed under its early access/development program like this one. I'm sure this is some sort of ownership liberties debate and I understand a promise was made and that's the point of this post, but I'm still a bit foggy on why the demand for DRM free content is still high when it comes to Steam based DRM. While most people asking for DRM free content most likely have no intention of reverse engineering or cracking the game for pirate use. I do remind people that a lot of this game is built on a foundation of a love for Dungeon Keeper. Those who look into the past of Dungeon Keeper will also find that it was one of the biggest pirated games in both the United States and Europe at one point. Lets try to avoid screwing the pooch on this one fellow overlords. Good luck and happy gaming.
Likes: Cultist Joris
Sep 13, 2013
On a side note, Space Engineers added O2 Generators and made it a setting to kill you should you not resupply. My server admin doesn't want to turn this setting off, so I keep dying when I'm not paying attention.

Please do not add O2 Generators, WFTO Team. It oxidizes the fittings on my doors and lets the heroes in, and my Chunders breath only forge-fumes and will suffocate should you displace it with air.
Apr 3, 2015
On a side note, Space Engineers added O2 Generators and made it a setting to kill you should you not resupply. My server admin doesn't want to turn this setting off, so I keep dying when I'm not paying attention.
That's a fair point. I don't want to poison my minions -- or well, I do, but at my leisure and not someone else's.
May 18, 2013
On a side note, Space Engineers added O2 Generators and made it a setting to kill you should you not resupply. My server admin doesn't want to turn this setting off, so I keep dying when I'm not paying attention.

Please do not add O2 Generators, WFTO Team. It oxidizes the fittings on my doors and lets the heroes in, and my Chunders breath only forge-fumes and will suffocate should you displace it with air.
Agreed, also please don't add random tripping or Diddy Kong.


Apr 16, 2014
And please don't add RNGception! (I'm looking at you Xenoverse)

No but on a serious note, that's exactely what i expected from you guys. There is literary only bad points to releasing the DRM Free version now with a average of 0,5pph (patches per hour). Let it calm down a bit and release it when it's decently playable. You're the last people on Steam i would expect any frauds of. Hope you keep up the work and prove all those whiners wrong for good soon!

Right now, regarding WftO i wouldn't want to live without Steams autopatching....

BUT i would maybe make a sticky about that here on the forums or push a newspost about this issue. It seems to be suprisingly huge of a thing to a suprisingly large playerbase.
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