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Diplomacy: tributes.

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Jun 27, 2012
Might be interesting if something could be done with allies.

-Give gold.
Plain and simple, give an ally an amount of gold.

-Give blood.
Gives blood for spells to an ally.

-Give traps.
Traps could be given to an ally, they could maybe even be tagged to be delivered at the ally on creation, like you instruct your trolls to make gas traps and for all gas traps to be delivered at your ally.

-Give creature.
Even a creature could be transfered to an ally, might come in handy when they lost a lot of good minions. Can also be used in campaign to allow allies to transfer their creatures to you.

-Give spell.
Allows spells to be given to an ally.

Any of these options could be disabled in the campaign and in certain multiplayer maps though.
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Nov 10, 2012
As someone who's always prefered solo, and always found these diplomatic type of mechanics lacking when npc driven (though I totally agree worth it's weight in gold multiplayer wise) here's a hell of a concept:

Destroying opposing underkeepers is the norm, but what about the more realistic (and probably more suitable for the hero campaign) diplomatic/economic 'domination' model?

To keep the heat off a vulnerable underkeeper, npc or the player, the option of tributes, rather than periodically, can through negotiation become something done contractually. Seems a bit 'civ' like sure, but I imagine this suitable for the heroes, and for the underkeepers? Well blood oaths and sacrifice don't seem all that unusual..

For an up and coming underkeeper overshadowed in an underworld filled with bigger fish this is one method of survival, further more a neutral ally with creatures who have the option of switching to a bigger dungeon could create some interesting campaign mechanics relating to portals.

My vision of this mechanic in play:
3 dungeons, one neutral ally with the player of equal size from the start of the level, both the player and the ally do not have access to portals but already start with a decent roster of creatures.

The one larger enemy dungeon makes periodical attacks, under siege the only way to win the day is to convert the aggressors, overshadow the ally so as to attract his minions, leaving his dungeon exposed. Destroy/dominate this underkeeper, imprison, convert and claim the new territory and his gold reserves..

And with newly acquired greater numbers, and one foe left..

That'd certainly switch things up to a whole new level!

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Nov 9, 2011
We're definatley looking to have more options multiplayer wise. This means deeper interactions between players, through different game modes or through some of the games mechanics we have planned.


Jan 11, 2012
I actually really relish both the idea of these expanded multiplayer options - y'know, just being able to trade resources in general, whatever form they may take - and of being able to force other keepers into servitude, or maybe even a group of Heroes without actually having to beat the Hell out of them all and toss them into the torture chamber. Really, you'd think after having watched a dozen of their compatriots be tortured into service (or undeath) from a nearby cell a few might just lift their hands in the air, clear their throats, and politely say, "Excuse me, but would you be so kind as to skip the needles-in-my-testicles part and just give me a job and some rags to sleep on?"

...Back to the topic. It would be nice to force enemies into subjugation, yes. Perhaps you can send them a surrender offer which, if they've been mopped across the dungeon floor a few times by you already, seems like a good deal to them, and in return for you not smashing them they send you some tribute and become an ally? Perhaps 10% of all resources earned, or something like that? It'd be nice to have an alternative to just crushing everyone beneath your iron heel and giggling madly while you're at it. (Again, this is for the AI in singleplayer games. As a player, I'd never surrender like that in a multiplayer game unless I thought I had a REALLY good chance of backstabbing the bastahd that done it.)
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