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Help! Display enemys HP

Jul 7, 2018
Hey, im working on a little 6 mission campain where the player fight against some boss enemys.
They are bigger, have more armour, deals more dmg and they have some nice extra features and abilitys.

So, now im fine with this mighty script thing ^^
I like it, its easy to learn, but hard to master.

Now i have a little design technikal problem.
If the players units are in range of the boss, every 1 or 2 seconds
the player should see the bosses HP, as a custom subtitle.

Like: "BOSS - 24.124 HP"...

I have no problem to show any massage, but how can i putt the HP of the Boss in this massage?
I need something like a variable.

I hope u know what i meen and i hope u can help me :)
And sry for that horrible english ^^ its... realy not my language...

I Think i have found a way by my self.
I will try to explain for u ^^

- Create a new "Number"
- Create a new "String"
- Create a new Script
-- create "On Health Changed" as Trigger
--- Choose any entity
--- Under "Output" set the created Number as "Number Output"
-- create "Add to String" as Action
--- Fill "Number" with the Number u used in Trigger
--- Fill "Result" with the created String
-- Next create a "wait" with 0.1 sec. delay
-- Next create a "Show custom Subtitle"
--- Choose any Duration
--- Fill "Subtitle text" with the created String, that u used as Result

Now, every time the entity changes his HP, it will show u the HP in this little text :)
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