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Doctor who which (modern) series was the best

Which was the best series the one that featured

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Dec 3, 2011
Behind you
After watching the 50 th anniversary I had a sudden urge to watch some doctor who episodes
and It has occured to me that the series with Matt smith is pathetic in my oppinion compared to that of Eccleston or Tennant not that I think that Matt Smith is a bad Doctor or a terrible actori ts just everything from the writting , the companions (im looking at you Amy and River ) even the variety of music isn't as good as that of David Tennant or Eccleston .
Perhpas its just that I favor the tone and the more "dark feel" it has apparently
Or maybe its just that I am not the targetted demographic anymore
anyway what are your thoughts

ps ignore poor grammar I am tired and ill so IGETZZ FREE PASS ON GRAMMARZ


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Dec 18, 2011
Chris was good, David was good Matt is ok I guess but due to Steven Moffats crappy ass storylines Matt hasn't been used to his full potential.
No John Hurt? He was great in the 50th!
Mar 5, 2013
Brisbane, Australia
I was hoping John Hurt was going to be more 'badass'. Wanted to see him blowing up Daleks and generally causing havoc all over the place rather than being a misunderstood Doctor.

Have high hopes for Peter Capaldi, I think he has a wealth of potential to turn out well.


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Dec 18, 2011
That was the best part of the 50th.
Yeah it was a nice surprise.
I feel Hurt and McGann have been cheated on by the writers :/
What we saw of the Time War wasn't very epic but the way that dalek died so painfully reading "No More" was intense.
The Battles of Trenzalore was meh... ok yeah needs a few more on screen deaths.
Jan 3, 2014
Paul McGann was sadly a very underrated doctor imo I only wished he had more screen time rather than having his adventures as Audio dramas (which I never heard sadly) , paul is a great actor and had a great potential to have been a memorable doctor
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Dec 29, 2012
Stevenage, England
  1. Eccleston would most likely have got my vote if it wasn't for two things:
    • He publicly stated he didn't want to be typecast as The Doctor.
      How dare you sir? He is known by anyone who enjoys sci-fi (and a great many that don't). To say that about the longest running sci-fi show of all time... :grumpy:
    • Due to the above, he only had one season and wasn't grown correctly as a character. It's a darker side I really wanted to see. Someone tortured, vulnerable, yet still at the front of any battle, ready to scream in the face of any alien threat and stupid ape.
    I've thought that was a waste of a regeneration from the moment I heard he was only doing the one season.
  2. Tennant was awesome at bringing in the energy and action while still having that secret pain of loneliness.
    While he was great at keeping the fun and light-hearted story moving while also maintaining the manic frenzy of The Doctor's mind right in front of the camera, I spent a lot of time with a smile on my face while still not really being surprised by anything he did.
That's why Smith gets my vote.
When he was announced I immediately thought "he can't top Tennant". Then I started to puzzle over this almost unknown person.
Would he be able to stand up to Tennant's portrayal? Would he take the character into a darker place, as I wanted Eccleston to do?
Should I even compare him? Would that just taint my view of him right from the start?

I feel I correctly chose not to compare him, not to count him out before I had given him a chance. I was glad that he did surprise me. He came from nowhere and slapped us in the face with a bow-tie and a bowl of fish fingers (fish sticks to some) and custard! He managed to roll with two of the best looking women on T.V right now (Karen Gillan and Jenna Louise Coleman). He completely made the character his.
During his reign he died, came back, helped rewrite the Time War and broke so many rules... including the regeneration one. (Yes I know that had to be written in somewhere, but it wasn't with any other incarnation was it?)

After all is said and done, one thing remains: BOW-TIES ARE COOL!
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Dec 14, 2012
I wanted John Hurt 'Super Evil Darkside' not John Hurt 'Cry, sob, You? Wat...'

Christopher Eccleston revived the series, his time was short-lived but he showed all the makings of a "I've seen some shit" Doctor.

Tennant was fun and kept it going following C.E. and Matt Smith was a mere novelty at first, towards the end when he actually got to play his version darker than seen previously did he become more awesome.

Looking forward to the new Doctor.
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Dwarven Worker
Feb 5, 2014
I wanted to say Eccleston, as he was my first but I've fallen utterly in love with Tennant's beautifully manic Tenth. Or well, Eleventh to be precise.
Unfortunately, the series' writing went downhill like the DK series after DK2, even the last few episodes with Tennant were just cringeworthy. Best few in my opinion? Mandatory [don't blink] and the first set vs the Master.

Matt Smith is right out. I like him personally and I think he'd have been a great doc, if only the writing wasn't that shabby.
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Jan 4, 2013
Lancashire, UK
I think theyre all good as the charachter, if anything its the episodes themselves that have varied.

I like matt for the same reason a lot of people do, Hes the only one who actually feels.....alien.....not human.


WFTO Founder
Dec 18, 2011
Matt is ok I just wish the scripts for him were alot better.
Only stories I enjoyed from his era were.
Series 7/Season 33: Nightmare in Silver, Day of the Doctor & Time of the Doctor.
Dec 14, 2012
... if anything its the episodes themselves that have varied.
Some of the episodes and story-archs haven't been too great but its also down to the actors themselves to make that more interesting, Eccleston lead his portrayal really well and its just a shame that there were still so many questions left unanswered which Tennant managed to pick up afterwards, part of the reason Tennant was so good was in my opinion due to Eccleston's reintroduction of the show giving the audience a strong contrast and comparison between two recent Doctor's, but the bulk of new ideas went towards Tennant's episodes then as Smith came on board the main writer that did Tennant's episodes jumped ship upon Smith's entry; good because it seems a particular writer is tasked to write for a different doctor, or something like that, but Smith's writer had seen far too much Hollyoaks for half of Smith's storyarch.

Smith kinda got shot in the foot though, he only got to peak right at the end and that's when he was lurking into his darker phase, I'd have preferred a heavier and darker storyarch for Smith since that seemed like his untapped strength. i.e. The silly guy who you don't ever want to be grim-serious.

Half of Smith's episodes focused on the ginger and the roman though, which got boring really fast. This isn't a decently written Hollyoaks special, its Doctor fricken Who! Take your baby-making romance away!

Smith seemed best in the specials more than anything else to be honest.
Tennant was good during the episodic hauls.
Eccleston is Eccleston, "No more"


WFTO Founder
Dec 18, 2011
if you were in charge what story arc would you create
i'd do one which would lead into a huge war which would possibly take up 3 to 4 episodes a bit like what deep space nine did, they had a bit of politics little bit of religeon

sorry about my spelling but i can't do higher casing or symbols on my laptop anymore.
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