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New Dungeon core got damaged through a closed door

Discussion in 'Rejected Bug Reports' started by Psycix, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Psycix

    Psycix Dryad Founder

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    Playing stumpy's survival challenge, I put some midas doors around my core.
    Doors were closed. Tons of gold available.
    Core room was 100% hermetically sealed.
    Suddenly "your dungeon core is under attack!"
    Suspect either ember demons or one of the behemoth's somehow managed to attack the core THROUGH the door.
    Also, later in the game I found an enemy behemoth on the other side of the doors, he probably got pushed through in the insane swarm and massive FPS lag.

    Screenshot taken right after having the core taking damage.

    Map: Stumpy's survival challenge
    OS: Windows 8, 64-bit


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