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Dungeon Heart replacement?

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Dec 19, 2011
Auckland/New Zealand
I know what could it be! - a Grand subwoofer! :E Imagine a big bassy heart beat flowing from this s**t! :D
One thing I loved about Dungeon Keeper was the extremely bassy heart beat.. At home im running my sound through subs, the heart beat sounded awesome!! Dungeon Keeper 2's heart beat wasnt quite as prominent which took from the atmospheric sounds and feeling in my opinion :confused:
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Yea, heavy hits and smooth, deep bass... I love heartbeat's sound, it's one of my favorite sound of life.

So what could it be - something that will bring out from itself that kind of deep and threatening (or a little sinister) muffled sound of heartbeat or something?

I like this idea when You put a room somewhere the roots/climbers of the 'Blood source' will braid this room giving it magical power like an electricity... Hm maybe we could add something like that, if we will put a room it could be powered only with these roots, so we should just w8 a while to see that for ex. workshop-like room is powered on and starts his work, but earlier it is turned off?
In DK I we couldn't hear the sound of workshop or training room until we took over the chambers.
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Apr 15, 2012
Czech Republic
Personally, I feel this is the first game that would really meld with a "Dungeon Heart" considering "Blood" is the source of magic. And like mentioned above, I don't think they really could do much if we used a dungeon heart as Dungeons has used it. Granted, Dungeons was to Dungeon Keeper as Starcraft is to Leisure Suit Larry so I dunno.

If we use a Dungeon Heart, it would actually be pretty neat to see veins and arteries flowing from the dungeon heart into rooms that may use Blood to run. Makes it seem a lot more like the dungeon is a living entity, with the heart pumping the lifeblood and you as the brain.
If you want to keep the feeling, it should be something lively, organic for the most, connected to rooms that lie next to it... crystal feels too cold for evil creatures.
Jul 7, 2012
If you want to keep the feeling, it should be something lively, organic for the most, connected to rooms that lie next to it... crystal feels too cold for evil creatures.
yeah, an evil tree would be cool, it can grow while you grow stronger!:p

Yes I know I already said this, I don't care:p


Oct 17, 2012
South of France
I like the idea of the veins and arteries feeding the rooms and i would like to share you an idea:
What if you need to give blood to your dungeon heart by killing enemies and bring their bodies to the heart (who will work like a "cimetery-bloodfarm").
The more you bring back bodies the more the heart beat rapidly so the faster the game will become.
That would give a other gameplay mechanism which i found cool (find this cool because it's my idea ;) !)
ps: by faster game i mean global speed bonus to you and a bit for your opponent ( otherwise it would be unbalenced)
Dec 27, 2011
I would like the dungeon lung as a replacement for the dungeon heart. The attackers then smoke arround it until it gets black and dies. I would let the heart stay because no one would let his heart ever get touched :D
The heartbeat just fitted really good into this dark surroundings. There is live in the dark.
Aug 5, 2012
Thinks we should have an organic-esque heart underneath a statue, when the statue is attacked pieces fall off of it until it reaches 0 stamina than it cracks and crumbles/smashes in one animation, then enemies can attack the heart directly, this would only take a hit or two before it goes into a death animation, could bleed out, explode or some other gory ending.


WFTO Founder
Oct 22, 2012
Canterbury, Kent
I quite liked the sunken design of the dungeon heart in DK2, it felt more like it was behind the whole dungeon, not just an object in a room - but I agree the actual heart in the pit didn't look all that great...

If we're not having a heart, You could go with a giant eyeball sunk into the floor itself instead? if you make the floor a veiny bloody mess, it can still have a pulse as the blood goes to the eyeball to tie in with the blood theme?
People also tend to be a bit squeamish about eyes, so attacking one and it going all bloodshot and stuff would be quite gruesome and fun :)
This time seriously, I have a concept for future DH:

I think a new DH could looks like a big living or semi living (living blood source with the crystal structure).
Whole thing is in the living crystal/glass-like structure - we can see a glowing, pulsating light like in DK I that emanates from this big bloody bulb. We could even see floating things which resemble red blood cells.
All is hanging from the ceiling by chains/strong big blood vessels - it's all floating a little pushed by wind - if it is under attack it swing like a punching bag - but not as much because whole structure is heavy.
We can see some small wisps that sometimes comes from this heart. (but without that it would looks fine).
We can see Blood Imps crystals - from there they comes to life!
Because I heard that in game it's "roots" will attach to walls or ceilings in DH room there is a most of them.

Whole thing I wold like to present less-more here (yup I'm not a perfect in drawing so I make a collage...)

Blood crystal structure (red leaves):
Aug 5, 2012
That image looks like a good idea. The main thing to consider is the look and feel of the game, there needs to be a consistent feel to all the images in the game and the heart will be one of the leading features. Too many chains on the heart can give it a horror movie feel then people will expect that throughout the game.
Jan 3, 2013
If heart is fine, I see no problem with the current one, with columns in it. It makes sense since weapons and spells could easily kill it, while columns themselves look durable enough. Alternative to them could be arks, but DK2 already has them, so I doubt they can be used.

Another version is : Heart could be hanged in air in the middle, held by 4 chains wich are attached to columns that can be damaged and destroyed. That's the only substitution I can see to organic Dungeon Heart in such game.


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Jan 13, 2013
Dungeon Heart is fine to me. I don't think they'll get in trouble that easily. Yes I know it's not 100% Peter Molenuex's authority to be able to negotiate with the lawyers of the company with such in the greatest form of protection. However he recommends this game to people as the preprocessor of the DK. Yes I'm sure as they said "Level 10 lawyers that not even a horned reaper can beat!" would be on their ass's if they made all the creatures the same, but it's just a Dungeon heart... It was never really a BIG thing in the game. Now if they copied Horned Reaper, yeah there may be a little problem since he was the mascot of DK!
Feb 1, 2013
I wouldn't mind something along the lines of a statue or monument/altar either. Mostly for the purposes of customization of ones dungeon. I think it'd do well to have other designs be unlock able via some kind of achievement or beating the campaign etc. It would be pretty cool to have some hearts that are hard to get and show them off.


Feb 3, 2013
Johannesburg, Gauteng
At this rate we will have a heart with a whole bunch of sub hearts/body parts/objects that would proberly end summoning something super awsome like a keeper (always wanted to see a keeper)
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