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Dungeon Personalization - Creature Related Room/Trap Unlocks/Aesthetics

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Blood Imp
Nov 10, 2012
There was always something very linear about the unlocks of Dungeon Keeper. In the name of Dungeon personalization, I thought the numbers of of minions might affect the aesthetic of the dungeon and/or unlock some unique features. That or leveling a creature to the highest level?

Just some examples, as the creature roster is obviously yet to be determined.. [hence making some up as I go along)
  • Spider - Web Trap (slowing hero approach through corridors)
  • Ant - Hive (Room that binds together creatures to create functioning mobs/ Or perhaps a room that acts as a high yield food source if worked by creatures )
  • Golems - Sentinals (Statue turned defender upon hero approach)
  • Alchemist - Lab (Research room like library but with specialist unlocks) eg. Potion Traps (Keeper spells in trap form? Conversion potions for torture chamber?)
  • Necromancer - Mist (anything that dies within the radius turns into zombie)
Also the concept of having a room that perhaps would act as a gateway between the portal and your dungeon, allowing selective hiring (or not as the case is more likely, who wants a dungeon filled with flys, am I right?)

Aaand finally, building on that concept, perhaps the dungeon could take on a certain creature related aesthetics depending on the percentage of creature variations kept. Just small extra beautifications such as webs scattered arounds, weaponory abandoned in corridors, creature related ritualistic symbols (think pentagrams but not).

Jumbled, but thought I'd share some interesting concepts I've been thinking about!
Not open for further replies.
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