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Dwelvers (Formerly Dungeon Dwellers)

Well, my problem was crash after 15 minutes of play. That however is hard to explain because I can't even say what caused it. Version 0.6c contains way too many things, connected to each other, witch honestly make game quite confusing since many things aren't explained yet. All I did was dig dig dig and build random stuff after. The reason why I hope the Demo released on Steam will be more detailed is because game looks a little bit over-complex'ed with lots of misc things attached to everything, so if Demo will contain only small piece of the game it will still remain confusing as it is in v0.6.
Hmm, I see. To see what caused crash you can use debugger - instruction how to use debugger and report crash you can find on Dwelvers forum:
Best way of reporting crash.

Hope it will help. :)
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Captain Graze Box
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Dec 11, 2011
@Sebt I have made you op of this thread, you may edit the first post accordingly to provide more updated & detailed information about Dwelvers.

Please be a little more patient with members who are less informed about Dwelvers than yourself.

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@Sebt I have made you op of this thread, you may edit the first post accordingly to provide more detailed information about Dwelvers.

Please be a little more patient with members who are less informed about Dwelvers than yourself.

Thanks Alistair, will write some about Dwelvers there. :)

What's more were am I impatient somewhere? I've put a link to instruction how to report crashes because this will give the fullest information about what cause crashes, maybe Slihizard could send report from debugger to Rasmus and he could find a way to solve problem with this crash. :)


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Dec 11, 2012
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What's more were am I impatient somewhere?
I must say the tone of your previous response (with the link) did sound a little impatient, but I expect this might be the difference between English as a first language vs English as a second language - if I remember from some dwelvers videos you had an accent (apologies if I'm wrong). My wife speaks English as a second language and she often phrases things in a way that sounds abrupt or impatient when she's really just translating directly from her native language and intends to sound helpful or polite...

I expect that's what happened here. Just my 10 pence.

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Ah OK. I didn't want to sound rude, I apologize if I did. :(
Edit: Fixed the link and reedited previous post.
Unfortunately I have not got enough information about crash Slichizard experienced, hope the information in instruction will help. ;)
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Jan 3, 2013
Seeing v0.7 is getting close to release with lots of changes, I feel like testing v0.6 would be a little bit illogical. I'll try the Steam Demo instead and will try to report bugs thanks to link you provided.
Bumping this thread due to recent developments. Now's a great time to get behind @Rasmus Ljunggren and his project. As they went live on early access not a few days ago.
Thank you Noontide! :)
Yes, Dwelvers is now available on Steam. For people who won't buy game on Steam there will be option available soon to buy Dwelvers from dwelvers.com website. If someone has not decided yet whether buy game or not it is possible to try Demo for free - download page.

I updated first post of some information. Check how the actual game progress is going:



Remember that Dwelvers is not yet a full game, like WFTO it's in early access. That means you can encounter bugs, strange working features and because of that be unsatisfied, but I hope as more reports we get from people as more bugs will be solved, so if you find some bugs, please report them here.
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Lord of Riva

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Dec 29, 2012
played the Demo and it looks pretty neat.
Not going to buy Early access titles atm i have 4-5 and i invest too much time in them anyway :p
(mainly WFTO natuirally )
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Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
I feel peter needs to be supervised when he makes a game
then again i havent play godus
is it any good ?
It is good in its own way, but it has the usual over-hype that Pete has become really bad for. It isn't the next Populous like he promised... But if you don't make the mistake of comparing the two[like I did at first], it is good... as far as I remember - I haven't played it in a while and it might have swung either way since then


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Dec 8, 2012
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Haha let's not allow this topic to derail and find itself discussing the work of 22Cans. Please feel free to open a discussion on that if you like but we're here entirely for the discussion of Dwelvers!

Speaking of which I've found the new art direction (Since the early trailers here) to be charming indeed. Though I've not had much time to get to grips with the gameplay I'm certainly looking forward to putting some time in when I return from London in a few weeks time. Any other opinions of the latest release on Steam EA?
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