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[Empire Creature] Enchantress

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Mar 18, 2013
The Enchantress

Having noticed a distressing lack of arcane casters amongst the forces of light, if the list of suggested ideas is correct I thought I'd join up and give my thoughts on the issue. I'm new at this, so don't hesitate to throw in a few cents here and there.

Highlight - A squishy mage babe who doesn't have much attack magic but instead is meant for heavy crowd control and debuffing.

Type - Intelligent
Role - Support and Crowd Control
Basic attack - Melee attack with Dagger if it absolutely must
Offensive power - Very Low
Defensive power - Low
Health points - Low
Movement - Average
Intelligence - Very High
Labor - Very Low
Work - Research, Training, Convincing enemies to Join
Entertainment - Sleep
Wage - Above Average
Gender - Female

Charm Resistance - The enchantress is highly adept at mind magic and mind tricks. She can see through certain illusions and resists confusion, fear and charm magic. She's also immune to non-magical charm and confusion effects, but not non-magical fear.

Peaceful Visage - Creatures are less likely to target the Enchantress over another target.

Lv1 Dagger Strike - Strikes in melee with a dagger.
Lv1 Charm Person - Misleading name, this skill causes intelligent targets to strike other allies for a few seconds at reduced damage. The target will strike as though they were the Enchantress' level but a few seconds at most. Has a long recharge time.
Lv 2 Strike Self - Her main 'nuke' spell, the Enchantress causes the target to melee strike itself at a reduced percentage of damage. Like Charm Person, the target uses caster level. This is a ranged spell and can certainly be disruptive as it does take up the target's next swing.
Lv 4 Repulsor - Deals arcane magic damage and pushes the target back a small ways. It's not even a tile in distance, but it's decent damage.
Lv 6 Enchanted Might - Boosts the physical damage output of an allied attacker.
Lv 9 Enfeeble - Practically the opposite of Enchanted Might, enfeeble causes an enemy's damage output to be reduced temporaily. They will also be slowed for this time.

Resistances/Weaknesses - She's a regular human or elf (or some mixture thereof) woman who has trained in the arcane. If there's no reason to be neutral, do let me know, I'm new at this.

Background - The life of enchantment magic is, like all wizardry, one of study and adventure. Never alone, the Enchantress is a source of morale for the surfacers, and knows how to use her charms to get things done. Make no mistake, she's definitely Neutral Good by every stretch of the imagination, but she MIGHT be a tad vain and prissy. All heroic adventurers know the value of a good mage, regardless of their specialization. When a dungeon is cleared, the Echantress will be the first to want to redecorate it into something more flashy.

Appearance - The enchantress is deliberately sexy to help her influence magical be stronger. While she wears robes of enviable green, she has skin slits in JUST the right place. She also has flowing hair that shines in a mixture of colors rotating: she enchanted it herself to appease to the desires of anyone's preferred color.

Images can REALLY reach NSFW fast, so I'll try to save you from getting fired.

Fighting Style - A ranged character at heart, the Enchantress prefers to provide support at all costs and will be smart about her spells. She won't nuke a charmed creature

Loves - Humanoids (especially males,) resting, research, influencing others
Hates - Dumb beasts, ugly things, the undead

Anger Reaction - Will charmcreature and influence it to either leave, rebel or slowly kill itself. She will seek out Underworld creatures before the heroes of the light.

Jobs - When not researching, she'll stop by the torture room (or its WftO counterpart) and try to convince those being victimized that it's a good idea to join, but only one target at a time. The Enchantress will seek out humanoid male heroes (in that order of priority) before others. If you're torturing one of your own creatures, then she'll try and keep them from hating the Underlord so much for doing so: their torture based anger will be cut in half.

Lair - Perhaps some sort of magical... love couch?

Obtained by - The usual hero snagging methods.

Torture - A false mirror is held up to her showing her how ugly she is, meanwhile she gets a hideous makeover that is positively NOT fabulous. Her deflating ego somehow causes her pain.

When Appears - A town under grerat durress will see the first Enchantresses using their magic to ease the citizens and empower them to attack the keeper at all costs. That or a magic HQ land?
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Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
why does everybody want a Turncoat ability? ^^
most of the women suggested so far can charm ... wtf? :p

well i do not like Turncoat spells (like your charm or the strike self ability)
otherwise its pretty solid in my opinion ;)

adding this to the imperial creature section ;)
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Jan 3, 2013
Indeed, concept looks good, on paper. If game will need more female units, this one should certainly make into the game.

Ben Chandler

Impassibly Cool
WFTO Backer
Jan 23, 2013
I like the basic idea, but i do find the self strike and charm person ideas a bit weird...

...i'd suggest for charm person: this could be like Galadriel's powers in Lord of the rings to enter the minds of others,, causing them to stop attacking enemies and almost freeze (could be channeled by enchantress so she can't do other stuff during this)

and self strike... i don't know,,, it's unique! but just seems odd

have you read https://subterraneangames.com/threads/hero-oracle-high-tier.1979/

because to be honest, it's very similar... if less powerful/overpowered.
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