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[Empire Creature] Tomb Warden

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Feb 2, 2013
Entering through a Hero Gate
~Will develop this further when I have time, but laying out a thought before I forget~

Inspired by the Deathless type introduced in D&D 3rd Edition (Book of Exalted Deeds if anyone wishes to reference it), I got to thinking, maybe it'd be interesting to see Deathless Empire Units of those slain and wronged by the evils in the Deep.

Open to collaboration on this.


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Feb 2, 2013
Entering through a Hero Gate
Key Stats
Highlight: The Tomb Warden is just one potential example of what happens when a Hero dies with his work left unfinished. He returns to his worldly remains with the blessings of his gods, re-animating them to pursue his quest in the material world.
Faction: Empire​
Type: Other (Details Here)
Role: Melee Fighter (For this particular example of Deathless)​
Acquired By: Conversion (Requires a Necromancer or will expire without converting.)
Basic Attack: [Melee] [Melee, possibly Holy] [Medium]​
Offensive Power: Moderate to Strong
Defensive Power: Weak to Moderate
Resistances: Resistant against melee damage types, and holy damage types, but vulnerable to elemental and unholy damages.
Movement: Moderate to Fast
Work: When not at the battlefront, Tomb Wardens feel themselves drawn to the defence of the Crypt room.
Entertainment: Not required.
Special Needs: If the Underlord loses their Necromancer unit, the Deathless will revert to it's original status as a Heroic unit. This renders the Tomb Warden to be something of a Risk/Reward creature.
Upgrades: None.


Fearless: As Tomb Wardens are already dead, they do not suffer from the mortal weakness that is Fear.

Animated: When a Tomb Warden is defeated in battle and recovered by friendly Imps, it will be dragged to the Crypt, where it can be re-animated by a Necromancer. Any "dormant" Tomb Wardens in the Crypt would be destroyed permanently if you lose your Necromancer before they are re-animated.​

You may have up to 3 abilities unless there is specific reason for more or less. For each ability copy the entry below give each ability a name and detail it's effects.​
Heal: A later level ability, a potent Tomb Warden gains the ability to heal itself and allies. Moderate to Long cooldown.

Appearance: The Skeletal remains of a fallen Empire creature.​
Likes: Not Applicable​
Dislikes: Not Applicable​
Behaviour: Largely ignorant of other units, Tomb Wardens would be seen either guarding the Crypts, the "Dungeon Heart" or following behind a Necromancer.

I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say about this. It's to satisfy, somewhat, the individuals that miss the presence of Skeletons, and to play on the theme that not all Heroic units are bright, shiny and pleasant. I must say that balancing isn't my strongest point.​
Jan 7, 2012
The lore hinted that a mighty necromancer was burnt at the stake shelf for raising the death, so its questionable if heroes would be happy about zombie allys. I could only imagine a good undead as a ghost or a construct driven by a good spirit. Maybe you make the tomb warden to walking armor, that fits better to the good side than skeleton warriors.


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Jan 10, 2012
Yeah, it sounds like undead are considered blasphemous creatures by the heroes. This might work somewhat as a neutral but hostile unit if there are tomb areas you can discover.

Lord of Riva

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Dec 29, 2012
im like the general concept but the undead type strikes me as odd... im not a fan of a "walking armor" too since it is basically a ghost o_O

adding to list
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