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[Empire/Hero] The Jester

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Aug 23, 2012
The Jester
Uses laughter, fear and illusions to help his allies and bewilder his enemies.

The Jester is a creature of fun and madness who brings an element of colour to the normal doom and gloom of Empire life. He can often be heard jangling down corridors due to his many bells; his light clothes allow him to get around at quite a pace...which can often be his downfall too, as he takes damage easily. In combat, he is a support creature, who can use the powers of illusion to confuse and scare enemies. He will often be found in the tavern (if Empire equivalent) entertaining an audience.


  • Tavern: Entertainment is the Jester does best, thus he can often be found here keeping other minions happy. Just be sure not to leave him there too long as he gets drunk very easily which makes him totally useless. The Jester will also always prefer the tavern to the training room, so remember to keep an eye on where he wanders.
Passive Traits
  • Happiness: The Jester has a welcoming effect on most creatures as they are often happy to see him. He may temporarily increase the morale, efficiently and happiness of creatures when he is nearby. The effect shortly wears off however, as the minions remind themselves of how grotty dungeon life really is for them. He himself is always have much higher morale compared to normal creatures.
  • Joke: If you own a Jester, he will often pass a joke to the mentor to give you for your entertainment. For instance: [Mentor] - "Underlord, a Jester has a joke he wishes you to hear: 'What did the dagger say when it was abandoned in a lake?...To be blunt, I don't see the point!".
Active Abilities
  • Hysterics: The Jester cackles away at his own jokes, raising the morale of nearby allies and striking fear into his enemies.
  • Nasty Trick: The Jester conjures the most scary of images in-front of his enemies eyes, breaking weaker souls and damaging morale.
  • Let me show you a trick: The Jester uses his powers of illusion to temporally create two replica illusions of a nearby ally to confuse and bewilder onlooking enemies. Although the illusionary creatures do not deal damage (since they are not real), they do appear to attack; however, they do not have much health either and
  • are easily dispersed.

I know there has been a suggestion of a Dark Jester in the past, but this is taking the Jester from the perspective of a 'good guy'.

Have fun everyone!


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Dec 3, 2011
Behind you
I like the idea of a jester amusing me via the mentor
We need an evil version
wich has a skill called "let me show you a magic trick " and gets pen out joker style
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Jun 27, 2012
Might be better to have a bard for this role, it would allow for a bit more range with combat abilities.
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