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[Empire] Praetorian Guard

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Dec 7, 2012
Adeptus Custodes.jpg

[Appearance could be similar to the Adeptus Custodes from Warhammer 40,000)

The Praetorian Guard
The Emperors Bodyguards and the elite of the Empire's forces.

Behold: The Mighty Praetorian Guard. The finest warriors the Empire has ever known. Ever since childhood, they have been trained in the arts of combat and warfare. They carry glaives into battle, and are gifted with the strongest armor the Empire can provide: Adamantium Armor. With these, the Praetorians can slaughter dozens before being taken down. Though generally at the Emperors side, a few of the Empires generals have the honor of having Praetorians under their service.

Passive Traits
Fearless: Praetorians are taught that dying in the service of the Emperor is the greatest glory that they can achieve in their lives. As such, even when outnumbered, the Praetorian will not be deterred. He will fight his enemies to the death, no matter how many he will face.
Adamantium Armor: The highly durable adamantium armor that they wear increases their defense. However, once by 50% of their health, they will loose the defense bonus that the adamantium provides.

Active Abilities
War Cry: The Praetorian shouts a fearsome war cry, briefly paralyzing his opponent/s in fright.
Impale: The Praetorian impales his target with his glaive that deals a considerable amount of damage and will stun his opponent for a few moments.
Whirlwind Attack: The Praetorian swings his glaive around for a few seconds, damaging multiple enemies within his attack range.

Preferably, the Praetorians would be enemies encountered during the final levels of the campaign. Also, only a few of them should be encountered (preferably 2 or 4), since obviously a dozen/dozens of them can make situations Really difficult. If an Empire Campaign would ever be implemented, or if the Empire is Playable during Skirmish mode, then the room requirements to summon Praetorians would be akin to the Dark Angels from DK2 (Only 2 can be summoned at a time).

Feel free to share your thoughts with this idea. Criticism is highly recommended. And please Do Not be gentle.
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Jan 11, 2012
And please Do Not be gentle.

I think I like them as "boss" type units, but I also don't think they should be acquirable by any means in campaigns: Not by torture, not by merit of being the good guys... nothing. In multiplayer (due to the use of mods and custom maps), this could be different, but I feel like they should always be something to be feared and respected, not something you can smack around and command.

That said, their passives strike a fine tune and seem solid, but I don't like their actives as much. Rather, I like War Cry for the flavor, but the other two abilities simply seem so... generic. Since we already have the Juggernaut for "big hulking smashing warrior," why not give the Praetorian Guard some sort of very massive shield? Then, instead of whirlwind attack, you could have a shield slam that hits multiple foes and sends them all knocked down several meters away.

Honestly, if I were toying with the concept of a superwarrior for the good guys, I'd go with a Paladin. What better to smash the forces of darkness with than with a man who wields the sword of justice, wears his virtue as armor, and, both proverbially and literally, acts as a guiding light to the forces of good? A blinding flash of light here, a Smite Evil-esque ability there, and you have a unit that would fit that perfectly.

Still, I do like this suggestion in and of itself. It may not capture the Holy Warrior theme, but multiple types of elite bosses could be included. If you want to keep the glaive, you may consider one of his passives being a reach ability: Being able to attack twice as far as normal melee units can. This means the Praetorian can not only act as a meatshield, but can fight from behind his allies while still being just as potent.

So, in short: I like this suggestion at face value, but feel that a different weapon choice would fit better. It also looks too similar to the Juggernaut, honestly.
Dec 12, 2012
Overall, I like the idea. However, maybe the second active ability should be changed into something less bland like impale. Maybe something like a forward slash attack that damages multiple targets by the front.
Jan 3, 2013
DK2 has Guards and Royal Guards.

WFTO could have something similar, one type for the Lord, another for Underlord ( depends on hierarchy ). King's guard would be Royal, with increased health, armor and speed.
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Jan 4, 2013
Lancashire, UK
Give them sky shear......a downward 2 handed swing that obliterates everything in a 10 foot line ;p I kind of like the idea of them coming as a 2 or 3 man entourage with empire based bosses.
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