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[Empire] The Slinger

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Jan 11, 2012
Okay. So, I like halflings, and I've learned from a previous developer post that there are quite a few suggestions for melee-type creatures already. I doubt that my Halfling Fighter idea ever made it through (see: https://subterraneangames.com/threads/hero-halfling-fighter.250), so in a final bid to see stunties included in the list of characters in the game, I'm making a purely ranged version of them.

And, yes, most of my inspiration here is due to the fact that I love halflings. I'll admit it.

I'll be posting another series of ranged character ideas soon, since I've been sitting down and mulling over "What could work?" for a while. For now, here is my fanboyish suggestion.


The Slinger
A fleet-footed, ranged damage scout. Traps are fairly useless against him.

Halflings are the epitome of a simple, pleasant existence. They are kind, good, friendly, cheerful, and utterly opposed to evil overlords of any kind. They have a disgusting fascination with good food and are abominably polite to strangers - all the more reason to crush the furry-footed rats beneath your iron fist.

Halflings are tougher than their size would make it seem, and they have an intrepid brand of luck. Although typically not inclined to wage wars of any kind, the Empire has managed to rally a number of them to their cause of late. They bring with them their intrepid brand of luck, their keen senses, their slings, and their voracious appetites. They make terrific marksmen and trap fodder.

Passive Traits
  • Lucky: Halflings are either luckier than most heroes or just not as stupid as them. They have the uncanny ability to completely avoid damage from a number of traps, though more deadly traps are sure to cause pain.
  • Ricochet: Slinger ranged attacks can strike multiple opponents. Their sling stones bounce off the first target, hit the second for half damage, and a third for a quarter damage. This happens with both basic and non-basic attacks. Special ability durations last full time on the first target, half on the second, and a quarter as long on the final target. The attack must hit its target to ricochet.
Active Abilities
  • Lobber: The Slinger lobs his stone with unusual force, stunning the enemy for two seconds and dealing 1.5x normal damage.
  • Caltrops?: The Halfling tosses a varied bunch of trinkets on the floor. Any enemy that steps on them is slowed and takes minor damage. (Disclaimer: No, none of these trinkets are actually caltrops.)
  • Magic Stone: The Slinger looses a magic stone from his sling. This stone does not deal increased damage, but strips two magical enhancements from the primary target it strikes (such as healing over time effects, temporary strength boosts, and so forth). It strips one magical enhancement from the second target and none from the last. It also ignores magical defenses when dealing damage.

The reason Ricochet is worded like it is is because enchantments on the halfling (if they exist) should apply to the Ricochet ability as well. For instance, let's assume that there's a fiery weapon spell in the game. Let's assume you bless (err, in an entirely defiling and evil fashion) the Slinger with it. Each enemy Ricochet strikes will take the appropriate amount of damage + the appropriate amount of spell damage + be set on fire, but not as much as the initial target would be set on fire.

An alternative ability to Magic Stone or Caltrops? would be Trueshot, listed below:

  • Trueshot: The Slinger can shoot across unusually long distances, and when possessed can use this ability to activate a sniper mode.
Finally, here is an alternate form of Magic Stone I elected not to post at first, but feel may be a good replacement if the former isn't acceptable:

  • Magic Stone: The Slinger looses a magic stone from his sling. This attack ignores armor and deals two times the usual damage. Half the damage is physical; the rest is arcane.
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