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Eternal not working as intended or changed?


Jun 27, 2017
Parts Unknown

apparently the Eternal shall absorb 90% of the dmg your dungeon core gets which it dosent. I tested it in my Pet Dungeon like this:

With an eternal it took 5 lvl 10 gnarlings 57 sec. to kill the dungeon core (eternal and workers other room)

Witout an eternal also nothing to interfere and spawned at the same place (exactly next to it) it took them 45 sec to destroy the dungeon core. Thats 26,6% longer with an eternal.

Something isnt right there also eternal took 5k something dmg which is a bit more 10% of the dungeon cores hp or 20% with the 50% dmg reduce (which would fit the 26% more time needed) it has however the dmg absorb either isnt 90% or is bugged
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