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Few questions

Apr 11, 2015
1) One can no longer pick up minions when they're not on your owned tiles? May I ask why, I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to just pick up a minion but couldn't even though the ability has been finely engrained into my memory of Dungeon Keeper. I'm not exactly a fan of the Return/Recall spell.

2) Fortified walls no longer make rooms more efficient as in adding extra props for minions to work at? Want to know if this is intentional or just not in yet due to development.

3) Was wondering if Shift-Click to Possession will get in, it definitely beats having to navigate to the spells menu and it's something I've also gotten used to doing.

4) Speaking of Possession, will it eventually be a third-person view or first person view or perhaps a choice between both even?


WFTO Founder
Jan 9, 2013
1) I don't know the reason the devs had, but it is worth mentioning that Peter Molyneux wanted to put this into DK1 as well but simply didn't get around to it.
It is intended to make attacking more risky.

2) Intentional.
Big debates about this have been going on the forums.

3) Dunno. Would be cool indeed.

4) Probably stays first person as it always was.
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Apr 11, 2015
Thanks for the reply, while I can't argue with the mind of Peter Molyneux I find it highly irritating when my minions for example step one foot out of my claimed area making me unable to pick them up. Sure I could rally them or Recall but it's rather counter-intuitive. Instead I think it would feel more right if your minions being on an enemy's tile would prevent them from being picked up.

Then again I was never an expert when it came to the multiplayer aspect, I have no clue how the online meta was before.
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