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Fortuitous Map Editor Glitch

Aug 17, 2016
I was working in the map editor, and had an unusual glitch occur. I was able to create a Neutral Dungeon Core on a single player map. I have since made two maps utilizing this map editor error, but have not been able to duplicate the glitch on a new map. When I import the original map, and try to create a 2-player version, it will not publish, and gives me an error about no faction assigned to the neutral core. This does not occur if I simply edit the original single-player map, unless I erase the core to move it. I was wondering if this could actually be made into a feature, especially since with the current glitch, the neutral core cannot be destroyed. This would allow a game mode of capturing empty dungeons. Alternatively, it would also be attractive to be able to simply create a dead dungeon core.

Likes: Xander
Dec 14, 2012
I have a large map this could be utilized on, micro-dungeon capture, a graveyard of fallen short-sighted lesser Underlords of times past.

Portals with types of consistent spawns, depending on room combinations per dungeon core, set by the map maker, all but the player's dungeon cores start neutral, but then they must be destroyed if belonging to a rival Underlord.

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