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FOV preference


WFTO Founder
Apr 20, 2012
Worthing, West Sussex
I was just wondering if anyone else has played around with the FOV option in the settings file (WFTOData/Settings.cfg I believe, right at the bottom)

The default is 60, but I have always felt that it was a little too wide for my liking, I tried putting it down to 30 and I feel like it makes the game look a little nicer as well as making you feel more godlike and powerful. the lower FOV seems to give an illusion of being very large and looking down on small things. it also allows you to zoom in further, but the disadvantage being you need to unlock zoom (with 4 on the number row) to get a decent full zoom out. I also tried it at 90 and it makes the game feel very 3D, almost distorted when zoomed in. It seems that a lower FOV makes the game feel flatter.

Anyway, i was curious as to if anyone else has played around and has found a non-default FOV level that they prefer, or if they think the default 60 is perfect as it is? how do you think this relates to screen size, I myself have a single 32 inch screen, and think 30 degrees feels perfect, perhaps if you have a panoramic multi screen setup, 90 might be better! I personally expect a low number to look better on smaller screens though.


WFTO Founder
Jan 9, 2013
Hmmm, is this perhaps also possible through console?
If not, it should be, and we can really play around with it to find what's best.


Lead Audio Designer
Jun 6, 2012
North Nottinghamshire, UK
I didn't even know changing it was possible!

I'm one of those guys that can't handle FPS games at anything under 90-95, but other genres don't tend to bother me, I've never had any trouble with WFTO so far. Even in possession. Is that also 60?
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