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FullSize MiniMap with HotKey M

Jul 5, 2015
Austria, Salzburg

In DK1 I always used the Fullsize MINIMAP which you could reach which the default hotkey button M.
It was possible to see in a very simple mode the positions of your minions, gold, jewels.
It was also possible to click on any point, the FULL Size minimap closed and the game was scrolling smooth to this position. In the minimap you had a little preview of the actual position so you also had a detailed insight of the current position of the mouse position and you even heard the SFX effects of that actual position (e.g. IMPS digging gold).

That would be a very nice feature!
Likes: Beneathar

Lord of Riva

The Lord
Dec 29, 2012
this^has been talked about internally, we cannot promise anything like that right now, but just so you kinow the devs would also like it.

on the other hand this will be a big amount of work (more than most people would guess) so its on the backburner, i still hope we will have it eventually
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