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(Game Mechanic) Announcements

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Jan 7, 2012
"You, my children, are the water that will wash away all that has gone before. In your hand, you hold my light, the gleam in the eye of Set. This flame will burn away the darkness, burn you the way to paradise!"
-Thulsa Doom

I had an idea about the player- creature relations in DK, you were able to throw your creatures into battle and pick up the fleeing ones to throw them again in the moshpit. Sacrificing the lesser ones for the greater evil was quite simple.
The creatures themselves never cared about that fact and got just mad when their payment and desires werent fulfilled. The only Interactions they had were being thrown in different corners and the slapping.
The only advanced connection to your creatures happened in DK 2 were murdering the jackpotwinner was commented by "Your minions have seen your foul trick". nuff said- nothing happened anyway...
If I had been a troll I would have been lived in constant fear of being used as cannon fodder.

Thats why I wish you could have some more options like making announcements for creatures.
(Maybe with a room, a certain herold/warchanter creature or just with the magic voice like the one in the subway station)
You could cheer them up before battle like this examples:

"The enemy is weaker than us!" -Only works when creatures havent lost too many battles or didnt met the enemy yet.
"We are the strongest force" -Only works when the majority of creatures are happy and believe this.
"The gods have seen our victory" -HUGE lie... some believe it, the unhappy ones not
"Everyone who will betray and flee in this battle will be executed" - (Lock up your Portal!) works when creatures are fearing you and dont think of a bluff.

Or while being in a hard time:
"Our Ressources will be filled up soon"
"We have to fight the enemy to get out of this"
"work harder or be punished"
"Everything is fine" -pretty obvious lie, working for the dump and overly devoted/loyal ones.

"The god(s) are/is with us- celebrate" works even better after greater sacriefieces
"Those who doubt me will be punished"

Announcements (or lies) like these could give your creatures greater or lesser moral (or even stats) boosts for some time, helping you out of tough times- while on the other hand unhappy creatures,broken promises or a too obvious lie at the false moment will decrease their morals (and stats?) heavily , When creatures once have lost faith in the underlord futher promises or threats wont make up any greater effectes until the faith is restored. If this doesent work, fear and threats are another options which can lead to dissidents, revoltes and stampedes if things go wrong long enough.
Also, exessive using of announcements is bad too, always hearing some voice bubbling through the corridors isnt special and reliable anymore.

critique please
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Blood Imp
Nov 10, 2012
A voice of the underkeeper that directly influences the psychological morale and behaviour of the minions?

That sounds like taking keepery to a whole new level. Genius.
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