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Game mechanic: corruption/redemption.

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Jun 27, 2012
There has been some talk about corrupted versions of heroes and wether they should be changed on torture or not.

Of course for some creatures, it has great appeal to have two versions of them. Knights and black knights, monks, angels, elves, etc.

What about having a mechanic in place for several creatures?
Since the change would be minimal, just visual and some ability changes but their overall strenght being the same, it would make sense to have one system in place that causes them to change.

Personly, I think this should not be through torture. that way players miss out on getting the heroes they like. It seems better if getting the corrupted version is optional.

Worshipping at the temple could be good for this, if they worship long enough at a dark temple they could turn into their corrupted counterpart, and if the corrupted version worships long enough at a good temple they could be redeemed.

Aside from worship at the temple, the different versions could also be a neat thing to trigger through a spell, or through a sacrifice effect.

The mayor difference in gameplay between the two versions, would be that the corrupted version would be a bit easier to please in your dungeon, and damage types for some attacks would change. A monk might have attacks that do holy damage as a hero, but when corrupted this damage could be replaced with dark energy or such.
Abilities would remain the same mostly, just some damage types would be changed.

And through that you instantly have the appeal of not corrupting heroes and putting up with the slightly increased difficulty of maintaining them: they may provide a kind of damage you dont often have.
Depending on who your enemy is, you can change your tactics and choose to corrupt heroes or leave them as they are.

Not all heroes should have a good and evil version of course, it wouldnt be needed for thieves, barbarians and others who would obviously remain the same in appearance and abilities.

Aside from heroes, some creatures could have a redeemed version as well. When captured by the heroes, they could be converted and find redemption at their temples. It might give players an extra incentive to kill those traitors, or to try and convert them back to your cause to have something thats truly hard to get.

Having redeemed versions of various creatures could also prove to be interesting during the campaign. A mission could focus on such traitors, and give them their own champion that guides them.

Either way its a simple way to create great variety of creatures without tampering with balance.

Of course pure evil beings such as demons, devils and some forms of undead could never be redeemed, but some creatures such as rogues, ghosts, orcs, trolls, warlocks, etc. could find redemption.

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Dec 30, 2012
If not too much effort to implement, it would be a nice variation to the standard creatures. ;) Hard to get creatures are always nice because they give one a reason to put more effort in playing a level...


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Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
I could imagine implementing this feature if there was going to be a Hero Campaign - however, I consider it unlikely that we get enough donations until August when the game is supposedly finished.

I also find it difficult to imagine the "redeemed" versions of the Underlord's minions. The Warlock or other humanoids could be an exception, but other than that I doubt that the Heroes would try to convert Trolls, Beetles, Demons and worse.
Jan 3, 2013
This will double the amount of models required in game. And, I think majority would still prefer to torture those heroes, rather than make them pray in temple and get it's counter-part, unless it's significantly stronger than original, but then it would bring some balance issues.

Take Elite creatures for example.
Jun 27, 2012
Wouldnt require a hero campaign, it just adds a bit more threat to the heroes when they can convert your creatures to their cause as well.

Of course beetles wouldnt have different forms, just the same. And I would suggest to not make the models of the different versions too different, for the most part it could be a reskin with maybe some small details different. Like a less menacing helmet for knights than for black knights.

As for redeemed monsters, lets use an orc as an example.
The standard version, that you get in your dungeon could have red eyes, scavenged armor and clothes and wild hair, his weapon being a makeshift shield and an axe.

The redeemed version, could have the same eyes as humans, his hair could be neatly combed back, his armor and weapons would be light and shiny, and clothing and leather pieces would appear clean.
Depending on how over the top they would make the standard orc model, I'd say only new meshes for hair and the shield would be required.

Stuff like this might just give the player more reason to hate the goodly heroes, and would make them appear more powerfull as well.

And while the differences are slight and theres no true difference in power, there certainly would still be benefits for conversion. They'd be more comforteable in your dungeon, easier to keep happy.
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