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[Game Mechanic] Possession Challenges & the Spirit Minion

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Oct 23, 2017
The possession challenges are made trivial by using a Spirit minion. Using a Spirit minion you can move through all obstacles and past all enemies and traps, straight to the end and trigger the under-miners.

The suggestion is to change the Spirit Minion so that they can no longer activate props (specifically under-miners).

Tim White

Writer, Designer
Apr 26, 2016
Hi Rykath, and thanks for your suggestion!

It seems like you have found an ideal strategy for Hell's Deep!

I spoke to the team just now, and unfortunately this is not a simple issue to fix. But since My Pet Dungeon is a single-player experience, we think this is a valid tactic open to the player, if they want to do it. Arguably it also fits into the style of gameplay for My Pet Dungeon as well, since the challenge can be easy or hard, depending on the player's preference.

Thanks again for taking the time!

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