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[Gameplay System] - The Bloody Conquests

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Dec 4, 2011
The Venus Project
Hey, I don't know that it is too late for that, but just now I've got the idea for game mode that I've got been inspired by my favorite games: Dungeon Keeper and it's conquering-Realm essence, Emperor: Battle For Dune and it's land conquering system, some ranks mechanism from Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) or team-assignment in Counter Strike and in Warms Armageddon and guild'n'nation conquering system in Terra Militaris (or Ministry of War - an original name of this game) and some elements in other games.

This a HUGE game mode that could be a very well game mode for great warriors, true leaders and future WFTO masters - so for people who want to play on the highest levels of the PVP game (and of course for people that have much than 2 hours of free time...).
I think about making it a game mode for multiplayer, but it could be good too for PvC - we could make even small campaign with a nice plot. }:])

I would like to present my idea simply and on many examples, so I hope it would be in 100% understandable.

I will present You a small table of contents first here:
1. General Idea
2. Game Ways
* Create a New World
* Join the Existing World
3. Conquering System
* Preparations
* The Battle
* After the Slaughter
4. Guild System and Guild Wars
5. Ladder, points, etc.
6. Advantages and Disadvantages of This Gameplay System

1. General Idea
Your main target is to conquer a separated by Realms whole Region which consists of from n-number of Realms that their quantity depends on number of sides we would like to have fighting for the Region, with some exceptions that You can see in Conquering System part. You have to choose between one of the Side with You want to conquer one after the other Realm until whole Region will belongs to You!

Pic.1 Example of Region map with separated Realms:
(as You can see at the picture below we have 3 colors - so there are 3 Sides. I love this conquer-a-land system!!!)

You can choose one of the two Game Ways - Create New World or Join the Existing World, join one of the two (or three) Sides and then join one of a Party: Attackers or Defenders.

2. Game Ways

Create a New World
We can just create a common, boring skirmish game ← OR → we could set different already existing WFTO game modes for each Realm we would create!
In this mode we can choose one of two options "Create New World with specified settings" or "Create New World with random settings". I'll talk about the first one, because second seems to be the obvious, doesn't it? ;)

So as we are Creators we have to set in order:
1. name of Your Side and Side's flag
2. number of Sides
3. number of Realms in created Region
4. game modes for each Realm
5. number of players per one map

Set Your name of Your Side and Side's flag (if You are in guild You can set Your guild flag - more about guilds later), than set number of Sides that would fight for this region (I think it could be up to 5 sides - as I remember the maximum amount of players on one map will be 5 in WFTO). Than we have to choose how many Realms our Region would have - let's set 1st Realm as a "Co-op", 2nd as a "Normal Skirmish", 3rd too and the 4th could be a "2 Players In 1 Dungeon" than set that all maps would be 4vs.4 players. Game will generate for us a Region separated by Realms where The Bloody Conquest would take a place - like You can see on picture number 1. So it would make full random shapes, buildings, what even You could imagine and would be implemented (like a region generator in Sim City 4).

NOTE For 2 Players in 1 Dungeon:
This game mode need even numbers of players, so if is that condition done this option will show up - if not - it won't. So, depending on number of Sides the only number that can be set is: 4 players for 2 sides, 6 for 3 sides, 8 for 4 sides and 10 for 5 sides. If we would choose 2 players, then "2 Players In 1 Dungeon" etc. option will be disabled for us.
The same thing will refer to game mode, in which we would play 2 vs 2 dungeons ( here for two sides).

What's more, I think we could make a players number list bar for Region that will have numbers for example 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. players to choose.
If we choose '2' game will generate for us only 1vs.1 Realms, if '4' → 2vs.2 Realms (so for "2 Players In 1 Dungeon" etc. it would be 1in2 vs.1in2), if '6' 3vs.3 Realms, etc.

This is just example of game modes that could be implemented to whole gameplay of course...

Join the Existing World
We can choose one of the possibilities:

*Search for a game that have:
- specified game modes - number of them, for example we would like to play a Region that has 2 Realms with Co-op. The rest could really don't bother us, but we can set the number of them choosing from selection bar a number of the game modes that we would like to have in Region, like for EXAMPLE: [2] Co-ops, [0] 2 Players in 1 Dungeon, [-empty-] Normal Skirmish (empty, so it could be more than 1)
- specified number of Sides
- specified number of Realms in a Region (if we write all numbers in specific game modes that will be automatically updated)
So we can clearly say our game what kind of game is
- where one of Your friend from Friend List is playing :)

*Choose Region from a list

*Choose random settings

Pic.2 Example of The whole Bloody Conquest scheme I would like to present You on the picture below:

3. Conquering System

It is a core mechanism of The Bloody Conquest I would like write about that in 3 stages:
1. Preparations
2. The Battle
3. After the Slaughter

After joining the Side we would see that each of Side has got it's own one or more Realms. The number of them depends how many Sides are there and how many Realms are in the Region, but in that form where number of Realms couldn't be set more than: 4 for 2 Sides, 6 for 3 Sides, 4 for 4 Sides and 5 for 5 Sides.

If the last of Side will have at least one player and when all players will click 'Ready' a countdown will start - 5 seconds to say last words about organizing tactics, to say hello to people, to talk about strategies etc.

After countdown a game will choose randomly which Side will begin the first Battle and which Realm will be attacked - for selection a leader of a lucky Side has got 5 second, so that will be important to choose the right Realm.

Of course the players decide where to go, but You can easily communicate to other by chat (or maybe even voice by Your PC microphone?) and make the best decisions who will be the best in Defend and who will be great to Attack. After second countdown the Battle will begin!

The Battle
During the battle only one Side could win (or if we would add ally so whole Ally would win or Guild members that could be marked before that, even they would have different colors, all players that are in this Guild and are fighting for a Realm would together as it would be a winning condition. For example on skirmish map 4vs4, 2 Sides would make ally, so both will be a Winner). If it comes to make allys - the number of them could be set only by Creator during Region making.

After the Slaughter
The winning Side after battle decide to where they would like to go. What is more the Realm that have been conquered would be not available to attack for randomly 2-3 battles. For example after the battle there we could see a message: After tremulous battle this place is to hot for conquering it now. Why to add this? For preventing a situation that, one Side would win, next time they would lose and it could happen that all sides would fighting for two Regions than changes with themselves for 4 hours!
The example of this kind of blocking is here - Realms that couldn't be conquered yet were marked as a tornado in EBFD:

Pic.3 the World map separated by Regions, with Tornado and special, quest places
Of course it wouldn't be a problem to make a place for spectators etc. So as You see the first strike is very important, making the best strategy etc.

Creator set some settings like - amount of realms, map players capacity etc. than confirm all settings and wait for players. If a minimal amount of players would join Your Region and all will click READY the whole battle after draw and selection Realm will start. After the battle one of the side (if each Side would have only by one Realm) would gone - so in 5vs.5 there would left 4 Sides and one of them has now 2 Realms - the winner choose the next Realm now fighting only with 3 players, because after the previous battle now next battle is in 4vs.4. Than the winner of this map can select next Realm. If another Side would lost now game will be in 3vs.3 and and that it is not important that players are fighting now on maps for 5 players, if Defender of attacked Realm wins he or she could choice with Realm would be attack, but remember that first Realm that was conquered is not available because it is in "recharging" time and it will be availing after 2 next battles, but I think system could generate this charging time randomly - so once conquered realm could not be available to attack for a 2 or even 4 turns.

If You think You don't understand it just write it down in You post. :)

4. Guild System and Guild Wars
This is an additional idea for Multiplayer Mode, that use a mechanism of The Bloody Conquests. What can You see in this picture above this is a very big WFTO World with many, many Realms, but what would You say to make a big World like that on this picture that would be a server World - each of this realm could be a region that could be conquered only by guilds - so guilds could be as a military units that belong to a country - like in Ministry of War.
Battles on World could give as more points or any other things.

Conquering Region could give benefits for Guilds like more money on the start, harder guild quests (You would see to marks with "two towers" that could be show as a Regions with a quest), more points for a Guild in ranking etc.
We could of course make two great Factions: Empire and Underlord - so we could see that conflict is still alive, still exist and it's growing more and more.

How we could make a War for a Region - if a Leader of the Guild will select region that could be attack (could only select Regions that are next to guild Regions or a Capital - like in DK I it was Skybird Thrill). After that game will generate date of War for that Region - like in Terra Militaris War time would take only in specific times and dates. So battle for One Region could take more than one day, of course not if Guild has very good players that wins having their finger and da...

Pic4. Example of Region fighting in Ministry of War

At the start of the sever all region would be neutral, and sometimes server admins could decide which one could be turned to neutral because of various happenings that would exist in the World - like a big pierdolnięcie explode of volcano that have destroyed a Region.
Each Guild could have it's own Castle/Dungeon - like in HoMM III that could be developed more and more. Architecture elements, more advanced, prettier etc.

We could even give Guilds a special Minions that could be unlocked if Guild will be enough developed. For example my Wrath that I created only for neutral Side :p

Maybe options in Create a New World mode would be unlocked more and more - like in Worms Armageddon.

If You have any other ideas, examples, mind-hurricanes for it write it here as soon as it possible! :p

5. Ladder, points, etc.
Points could be given out depending on what game modes players will play, but I think more points You will get as more opponents You have and especially for conquering whole Regions. Of course joining the guild would give to us more points for every battles - but to be able to join any of guild You would do special quests for beginners (or maybe just making quests that would be directly in game modes).

I think that's all, the would be much mathematic here, but game will automatically fit our typing in many options.

6. Advantages and Disadvantages of This Gameplay System

What could be really interesting - players could even develop their skills in communication and leadership, people would talk often than more (especially in guild) in comparison with many games we have now... and will it be easy to find a kid or a noob :p... (but noob IMO is better because kid usually is a noob, while noob is just unexperienced player who want to know how to play in a well organized crusade!).

Now imagine how many strategies You could take to crush Your enemy. Of course it would be great if WFTO would have a very good chat/communication system and... yea, it is so huge that probably would be implemented in expansion in WFTO. I understand that now it could be too late for adding another game mode, but What are You thinking about? Developers? That would be great to see it not just as a mod, but as You it is quite expanded. ;)

For me the only disadvantage for it is that You need a time for that.
Jan 3, 2013
Arcade Campaign could partly replicate this. Anything else is equal to developing entirely new game, so I'm not sure if it is possible right now.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
actually while this seems to be way to complicated for use, its what a competitive campaign (which is a flex goal) is in my opinion.
otherwise im on the side of Slichizard the way you describe it sounds more like another game ;)


WFTO Backer
Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
It certainly would be an interesting aspect for multiplayer, but I fear this would require far to much of the developers' resources as if that they could include both the game itself and the Bloody Conquest Mode. Maybe they could add it as some sort of expansion pack?
Jan 3, 2013
Arcade Campaign could simulate the war for the land where you and other keepers fight against heroes, capture their lands and then against each other for total domination and title of the Supreme Overlord.

This mode could use map randomizer, making Arcade Campaign even more interesting and save developers from making extra levels for this mode.

Still, this mode would be intended for Single Player, because people won't always have time or availability for such long online sessions ( 5 or more hours ).
Jan 3, 2013
Right now it's not even decided what certain modes will be. Arcade campaign could be changed into anything and may consist of different goals, what I wrote is one of may possible options.

Still I believe making such long modes for multiplayer is not a best idea because a single disconnect can spoil entire game. It's simply not worth it and is the reason why people tend to avoid games that require online activity so long, except MMO. WFTO, as far as I know won't be an MMO game, so the mode you suggest, the way it is can be adapted for single player, or to be exact for Arcade Campaign, where I see this working properly as intended, assuming developers will have time for that.


WFTO Backer
Jan 13, 2013
So I appreciate you coming up with this huge idea. It has plenty of detail and great presentation which makes it easy to understand and read... However I don't think that people would want this. People want just levels.
I know it's a seperate mode, but wouldn't you rather them work on something like...? More creatures and such?
Well I don't know about everyone as I'm not everyone, but personally, I'd like the simple 1-20+ levels. Each time getting more difficult and different.
Don't get me wrong, what you have is a good idea, but it's a little too much for me. I doubt Subterrnean will implement this as its too complex for the little people they have working as it is. To be perfectly honest, they've done a fabulous job with the little staff they have so far!
In my opinion, this is a 'no' for me. I don't like saying 'no' because I feel very narrow, but it's just too much to work on when there could be better things to work on.
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