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[German] New article by PC Games


WFTO Backer
Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
In this editorial, PC Games Peter Bathge presents two potential successors of the (by now 16 year old) Dungeon Keeper series - namely War for the Overworld and Dungeons 2.


For those who can't speak German - Bathge doesn't really weigh the two games against each other (probably knowing that they're two different kind of shoes), but instead gives a rough overview of what they are. For your viewing pleasure, I've translated the section about WftO.

"Peter Molyneux, the visionary maker of Dungeon Keeper, currently has a notoriously bad reputation with gamers and the press. Yet the development studio Subterranean Games probably care little: In 2012, the makers of War for the Overworld could still gain a bit of use of the already damaged but still honored name of Sir Peter. In a video message, the former Bullfrog-Boss told the gaming community: "If you want to have Dungeon Keeper back, support the [Kickstarter-]Campaign of War for the Overworld!"

And indeed, the crowd-funded strategy game could be the most true to the original copy of the Dungeon Keeper-formula as of yet: Building rooms, providing sleeping places and chickens (sic.), attracting creatures and leisurely walking through your dungeon from the first person perspective - all seems like back in the day, except with modern 3d graphics. Hopefully there will be some room for innovations and improvements. Subterranean Games has, amongst others things, potions, rituals, shrines and a research tree at the ready. Sounds good so far; if you can spare 28 Euros, you can already play around in the Early-Access-Version . However, the latter does by no means contain all content of the game yet.

War for the Overworld is scheduled to be released on the 4th of April already. Considering the current state of the pre-release version, I'm a bit skeptical : Will the developers manage to actually finish the Campaign, skirmish battles, and the multiplayer mode until this date? What reassures me: Subterranean's behavior in the Early-Access-phase war commendable, there were continuous updates and the consumers were informed about every step of development. What probably won't change until the release is the extremely dark graphic stylel: Some parts of the subterranean levels are so dark, that I practically couldn't see the hand (of evil) before my own eyes. On the other hand, I am amazed by the large variety of freaky creatures and buildable rooms: A monstrous alchemist should look just like in this concept art!"
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