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Gog users will be disappointed

Oct 17, 2019
I would not have bought the base game and all dlcs on GOG if I had known almost all of the custom content is hosted on steam. Steam will not let me download any of it because I don't own the steam version. All of the "spotlights" point to the steam workshop only. Is it that hard for these maps to be hosted on the foundry? Is there some underhanded steam legal issue getting in the way?


Blood Imp
Oct 17, 2019
I just started replaying the game a few days ago, checked for mods(after all, I've already completed the game before) and stumbled right into this issue. As someone who refuses to get Steam on principle, I now feel much less inclined to support you guys in the future, even though I really enjoy WftO.
Jan 3, 2013
GoG users can get custom content from here . You just need to download stuff and put it into your WFTO steam folder. There should be a guide for it somewhere as well.

Do note that Workshop is Steam exclusive. GoG users sadly will get content only by downloading from Foundry Section. Also many map makers poorly support their stuff in Foundry since they need to manually pack their updates and post them here and only very few do that. Tbh, GoG is just more inferior version compared to Steam due to numerous limitations, but since many reject Steam for personal reasons, there's little that can be done about it at moment.
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