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Goodbye, TDMoO.


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
On the 10th of January, 2019, one of the 'old guard' of Subterranean / Brightrock Games, Nathan Goodley, a.k.a. The Dark Master of Onions / Amon, passed away. My name is Sapphire McCloud, and I am his cousin. Though he was not active here for a long time, he was very much active in the early days, when Brightrock Games' first title, War for the Overworld, was in development. I thought that I should inform those who remember him, and who considered him a friend.
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Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
Thank you for informing us Sapphire and I am sorry for your loss.

I think it's safe to say that there are quite a few members on the team who remember TDMoO fondly.

TDMoO, Nathan was a long-time member of this community and I remember him from the busiest days on this forum and beyond. He was a well-known, recognised and loved personality here, an active participant and contributor and someone whom I would consider a cornerstone of this community in its nascent days. He often engaged with us, challenged us and made sure to comment on our content; he was always an inspiration to do more. He will be greatly missed.

For myself when I woke this morning I didn't expect to face a sense of genuine loss. It's funny in a way, that in the six years since I took on my role as custodian of the Brightrock community, it’s today that really drives home the value of community and its role in creating art. We come together to build worlds, discuss our favourite games and share our interest in gaming as part of one great whole. We form real connections through our mutual love for something, giving us a place to belong together. We don't always agree but that makes us all the stronger.

Even in passing Nathan challenged us once more, reinforcing the importance of building and maintaining a community around our games. Today I feel like I understand that more than ever. I think that speaks of the incredible character of Nathan and his role in our story, that even in passing he reminded us of how important that is and in that way, he will shape our community's future.

Speaking on behalf of the team at Brightrock Games we offer our sincere condolences to your family, our thoughts are with you all.
Jan 3, 2013
My condolences as well. Although I hadn't known him as much as Noon, I understand the pain of loss.

I believe, as long as person is remembered and loved, a small piece of him or her will continue to live in hearts and minds of others. Be strong, time and good memories will help you endure this tragedy and allow you to move on afterwards. I wish strength and patience to his parents, they need them the most right now. Please support them as much as you can, in times like this love of family member brings the biggest relief. Rest in peace, Anon. ( Nathan Goodley ).


WFTO Founder
Jan 23, 2013
The Netherlands
Nathan was literally everywhere in the early days of 2013/2014 following everyone who was even slightly active and being a overall nice lad. Eventually we became friends on Steam and had an occasional chat about WFTO and whatnot until he removed me for unknown reasons. Despite that I hadn't forgotten about him and checked his profile a few times to see if he had been active as of late.
Thank you Sapphire, for sharing this news to us. He won't be forgotten.


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
You all have my thanks, and that of our extended family.
And as for him removing you, Peetfighter, I suspect that he may have done that as a preparation for transferring ownership of his Steam Account. I cannot remember when he did this, but I am certain I remember him doing it.
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